Introduction: Double Side Baby Bedding Set!!

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This is an easy and amazing project for new born babies!

You can use left out pieces of fabric and make it yourself!

Step 1: Materials Required!!

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60 cm long printed material,(top side)

60 cm long polka dot material (back side),

60 cm x 24 cm foam sheet,

24 inch long white lace,

25 cm long yellow material

30 cm green cloth for piping or border,

poly fiber for filling,

thread for sewing

sewing machine!

Step 2: Arranging the Layers....

Picture of Arranging the Layers....

Cut 60cm x 65cm from main material

Cut 60cm x 80cm from the material for the back side

Cut 60cm x 80cm from the foam sheet

Cut 20cm x 60cm from the yellow plain material

Arrange it as shown in image.

Step 3: Process..

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To join yellow material and lace, keep lace between the right side edges(breadth side)

Keeping foam sheet between front and back sheets, sew straight seams at equal distance

Follow the images.

Step 4: Head Pillow

Picture of Head Pillow

Cut the fabric in the shape as in image and add foam to it and sew

Step 5: Side Pillows

Picture of Side Pillows

cut the fabric as above in image and sew.

rectangle piece in between and 2 circular pieces on side.

Step 6: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

Add some poly fiber filling and sew the little openings.

Step 7: Done!!

Picture of Done!!

Bed set for newborn!

use both sides!


wold630 (author)2015-12-29

The fabric is adorable.

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