I was thinking to make a 3d printer myself, and I never made one before. But I thought it would be nice to make something different. I came up with the idea to make a printer with a steel frame, because steel is cheaper than aluminium and I've never seen a steel printer in this size. After all it was a lot more diffecult than i thought it would be, though I learned a lot from this project.

Step 1: Cad Drawing

I started to draw the printer in Solidworks, I used the dimensions from the UM2 and calculated what the dimensions would be if I made a double bed , I also made z axis with a maximum of 30cm distance.

total price?
The total price was about $800, but if I ordered all parts in one package and at the same supplier, I think it would've cost about $650 or maybe less. If I would do it again, I'll go for thicker axles for x and y movement, I think at least ø12mm , because of the stiffness. If you have more questions you can ask me.
<p>That looks awesome! I really wish I had a 3D printer at home. :)</p>
<p>Great job</p>
Thank you!

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