Most hams you get from the store are cold smoked already cooked hams. This will show you how to add more flavor to the ham and smoking it again while reheating it.

Step 1: The Ham

For this you will need a good ham, the better the ham you get the less fat that will be on it. For this recipe I used a 15 lb Hillshire Farm ham, a good rule of thumb is for true indirect, low and slow BBQ, that if it will take you more than 2 hours to cook get a good piece of meat. Why go through all that work for a bad tasting piece of meat.
<p>I made this exactly to the ops recipe specs. This was by far the best glaze I have had on a smoked ham. I wouldn't make it all the time because of the cost factor for the ingredients, but I will for sure at holiday times. I made it this past year for Thanksgiving 2015</p>
Why not put the foil drip pan under the cooking grate and just put the ham directly on the cooking grate, above the pan?
Too many ingredients and too much work.
What part of &quot;be positive and constructive&quot; did you not understand? Don't bother answering because you are about to be deleted.
Are ya daft mate, we're talking intense deliciousness on a par with good nookie, depending on your partner, maybe better!!!<br><br>this looks incredible actually. Ever do it for a fresh ham for slicing or pulled pork?<br><br>
I have done pulled pork, Turkey, Brisket, and much more. I am going to keep posting them as I do them. All I have to do is if you cook anything more than 2 hours on a smoker or grill go all out.
No comparison to good nookie, at least my nookie. I have no idea what your nookie smells/tastes like. Sounds fishy to me. ;-)
well yeah !!!!! Life is too short for cheap wine, cheap chocolate and lousy food. One must take time and do the slow life. This is something you do and wait , with a nicely brewed iced tea or homebrewed beer or jug of inexpensive NOT cheap wine and your favorite squeeze. (you choose the beverage and the squeeze. Heven help you if squeeze A finds out about squeeze B. YIKES ;-) hey that picture looks like some of my relatives baby pictures, heck for some wedding pictures as well.<br><br>enjoy
no such thing as too many and too much if it is worth it in the end.....
This is great. If you use an electric smoker it is a lot more easy. You use wood chips and get GREAT tast <br>
Because you injected the ham with a sweet sauce and then glazed the ham with more sugar the ham bone won't make a very good pea soup IMHO. I've made ham soup with a store bought ham that had been cooked with the glaze that came with it and the soup was way too sweet. The spices and sugar overpower the ham bone and gives the soup a strange flavor to me. Then again I don't like sweet ham. If I had the means I would just smoke the ham without the added syrup and sugar. <br>Very nice job on the instructable!
I was not too sweet at all, it was a great mix of not sweet things and the sweet ingredients.
Buy a cheap ham for the soup. This one's for eatin'! (-:
This looks awesome. Now I just need to get a BBQ/Grill like what you have. I just have a standard Weber bowl grill.
That is one beautiful ham! Nice job!
That rack looks just like the one I saw on America's Test Kitchen, it's also a rib rack. If you don't have a rack, you can use a big snake of aluminum foil and shape it to elevate the ham.
I'd get up in the middle of the night to have some of that. <br>Looks scrummy.<br>Definitely on my to-do list.

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