Picture of Double Suitcase Shelf
I received so many nice comments on my instructable "Suitcase Shelves" ( ) that I thought I'd post one that uses both pieces of the suitcase. For this one I cut the suitcase in half and prepared each half similar to my previous instructable.

I mounted these halves above a doorway, so the suitcase appears to be mounted through the wall, providing a shelf on both sides of the room.

This was a fairly simple project, requiring only a suitcase ($4 at a garage sale), sheetrock anchors, some plywood, and a few screws.
parisusa1 year ago
Great!!! My uncle has 3 deer heads on his kitchen don't want to see the living room wall! :)
Quakernp2 years ago
I like the both sides idea! I'm going to do my living room wall with vintage luggage and was thinking about using a French cleat. Any reason you think this wouldn't work if the inset frame were inset by an 5/8 inch or so?
knife141 (author)  Quakernp2 years ago
I see no reason why a French cleat shouldn't work just fine. Good luck with your project!
Awesome! I love it!
knife141 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago