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hey guys ,

this is my new gun.
it's a double TR18 as you can see..
i had a single TR18 bud i thought why not 2 turrets at one gun ??
so i started to build this gun , and here it is the double TR18


- shoots 120 feet+
- has two turrets of 17 shots (34)
- 2 triggers , so you can shoot 1 a time or 2 a time

less special:

- use many connectors
- heavy
- reloading time is 1 minute

credit to :


tell me what you think about it and don't forget to rate!

I'm not gonna post it. If you really want to make it you can build it on your one and ask me for details. 


knextremist (author)2012-07-02


knextremist (author)2012-07-01

Ok so I built this and I have an instructions 'ible ready to go but I need your permission. So can I post this? Don't worry I will give you credit for it in my 'ible.

Knex.X (author)2012-05-09

This, my friend, is probably the best knex war gun

knexguy (author)Knex.X2012-06-20

SwagBoss is the same thing but a bit more practical. Though you could always use this as a club if you ran out of ammo...

Element Force (author)2012-05-12


i wish i had more knex!!!!!!!

but its a 5*****

killersir751 (author)2011-02-21

Sunglasses (in pics 4 & 5) = PWNED

Dirtyboyy (author)killersir7512011-03-09

tanks! haha that sunglasses sucks so i decide to shoot on it... but for everyone i quit knex. i am 16 now and trust me i love knex ! i still make something sometimes but i am to old. maybe i will post my destroyer as a 'good bye'gun.
it is a kind of tr only you can put on it what you want. from a shotgun attachment till a nail attachment. i will show you that. i have 14 attachments. I like mij nail attachment and ink attachment the most ( it is just made of knex but you can shoot ink and nails away) ( OUT OF A KNEX BARREL ) so..

maybe in the future i will post it.. but a don't no for sure... because of my responsibilities... children plays with it.. i don't want a bad name..

Thank you all!

TigerNod (author)Dirtyboyy2011-08-01

What? You can't be serious. Age is never a good reason to stop Knexing! I'm seventeen, I still love Knex! We've got knexers around here that are already over 30 years. 16 is probably the average age of the real serious Knexers around here.

Knex may be a toy, but when you are so serious about Knex it is more then a toy. It has become a testbed for creativity and technology, a DIY access to experimenting with mechanics and engineering! It all depends on how serious you want to go with it. For me, I'm pretty damn serious.

Don't stop Knexing. Unless you really dislike Knex, don't stop.

(Sorry for the late reply, but I just had to day this.)

Dirtyboyy (author)TigerNod2011-08-02

You are right but i shame my self ( im also 17 right now ) but i'm scared that my girl friend see me or some one else .. I don't want that people know that i'm playing with knex.. I live in Holland and this country is a piece of sh*t! Realy violence is here just a normal thing.. Drug Whore's everything is here Legal.. I hate this country.. And i still love knex! but you can't be yourself here or you will be bullied.. i saw a vid of bakenbitz.. killerk..oodalumps and others that they had a knex war in a child play thing ( my english is crap ) and nobody was watching or something or laughing.. no it was normal! but if i will do that here.. they will kick us.. and filming us .. so that's why.. lol.. my whole lifestory in here haha..

Knex.X (author)Dirtyboyy2012-05-08

You're right. I live in North Brabant
They would laugh at you here.

My friends know, and my girlfriend knows, they all think its cool, and they tell me to keep it up :) you shouldnt be ashamed, if they are true friends, they wont put you down :)

Thanks, but i'm almost 18 right now.. it's a little old..

My girlfriend is 17 :P she gonna be 18 soon, and all my friends are either my age, or older XD so dont trip, please stayyy

Haha, oke i maybe stay.. but uhm do you want to work on a project with me?
I'm making a lot of constructions on a paper abouth a trigger mech and stuff.. i want to make the most powerfull RAM<< ! system gun! and I want to make that with help form a string.. or rope.. you no what i mean.. so if you want to i can send you some pics of my idea and maybe i would be able to make the most powerfull gun with your help?? what do you think??

I would love to work on a project with you :) And cool, yeah, send some pics, do you have a skype? maybe we can chat, or call, and see what we can do :) right now, the best system is a tube gun, its smooth, and gets the best distance for ram.

Great! cool, uhm i'm not availible till 3 january.. because of new year and stuff.. so i'm back on the 3rd.. uhm yes i have skype but my english is as good as the vagina of my grandma so i think that its better to write .. but i we also can talk to eachother via skype! uhm i don't know what a tube gun is.. haha.. i think that a ram gun good is with a good pin-guide and than we have to use a string so we can put a lot of power on the ram..

great you agree to work on a project with me and i wish you a happy new year!

see you soon! ;)

lol, great, cuz i already started a new gun XD, well, its ok, we can work it out, im a very patient person so dont worry :) ill show you what a tub gun is but later, lol, but we also need to work on a strong trigger mech. Have a good one :D

See ya :)


I'm back, haha i will make pictures of my idea tomarrow (< wtf bad english) i think.. a strong trigger is important and a strong trigger guide to.. i will use a string.. to pull the ram back and i will use a pump for that.. i will show it!

~ dirtyguyy < better name??

Idk bout the name, but show me your idea, and well see whatsup, ok?

I will! ;)

K, do you have a skype?

TigerNod (author)Dirtyboyy2011-08-04

Your lifestory saddens me... You seem rather depressed. Cheer up! I live in Holland too, mind. Yet I have a completely different view of my country. Where do you live? It sounds like you live somewhere in a really bad neighbourhood.

I live in a rather quiet town just a few kilometers south of Den Bosch. (I suppose you have heard of Schijndel before?) We go shooting knex very often here. No one has ever complained. Perhaps that because most of us are a little younger, some like 14. Perhaps it is because there are a lot of children in our neighbourhood.

No one I know thinks knex is stupid when they see the stuff I build with them. Everyone I know tells me it's a really cool hobby.

So to be very honest, I think you A: have bad friends (no offense intended, I'm sure they can be nice to you but they don't have to decide for you what you like or not), B: live in a really bad and depressed neighbourhood full of bullies. I don't think I can help you with that, or C: are just very insecure about yourself. Which is something I can't help you with either, I'm afraid.

Sorry if I talk like I'm your mother :-) But think of it for a moment.

Dirtyboyy (author)TigerNod2011-08-04

o oke haha dan kan ik dus gewoon nederlands praten.. mijn vorige reactie was een beetje overdreven.. maar ik zie in mijn ogen knex meer voor kleine kinderen.. logies daar is het ook voor gemaakt. wij maken er hele andere dingen van.. maar toch voel ik me niet op mijn gemak als er iemand in de buurt is en ze zien een jongen van 17 met knex 'spelen' snapje?

Ik woon naast rotterdam.. in inderdaad een klote wijk..
ik doe niks buitenshuis met knex, het is puur ik en knex... het lijkt mij ook wel een keer vet om met een groepje andere knexers een battle te doen.. en nee ik ben niet depressief haha.. logies dat je dat denkt na zo'n reactie hoor hahaahhaa.. maar bedankt dat je reageerde.. doe je het trouwens vaak met je vrienden.. zo'n knex battle?

TigerNod (author)Dirtyboyy2011-08-04

Dat verklaart een hoop. Vreemd genoeg snap ik nu wel dat je stopt. Het blijft wel jammer, hoor. Je was een erg goede knexer.

Ja, we doen dat vaak, zo'n knex battle. Zo'n beetje iedere week. Nu met de vakantie niet zo vaak, iedereen is weg naar het zuiden... Meestal spelen we 3 tegen 3, soms 4 tegen 4. Toch hoop ik dat we nog eens ooit 10 tegen 10 kunnen doen of zo.

Ik zou graag zeggen dat je zelf ook wel een keer mee mag doen als je zin hebt, maar Dordrecht ligt niet bepaald om de hoek. Nou ja, het ligt ook weer niet zo ver. Als je nog eens de kans krijgt...? Zou wel vet zijn.

JJ8090 (author)TigerNod2011-12-26

and again :
That explains a lot. Strangely enough I understand now that you stop. It remains a pity, though. You were a very good knexer.

Yes, we do so often, about Knex battle. Pretty much every week. Now that the holidays are not so often, everyone is heading south ... Usually we play three against three, sometimes four against four. Still, I hope we never again able to do 10 to 10 or so.

I'd like to say that you also do not do it once if you like, but Dordrecht is not exactly around the corner. Well, it is not that far. If you again get a chance ...? Would be fat.

TigerNod (author)JJ80902012-01-02

What? No one asked for a translation? Especially not if "cool" (which is in Dutch indeed literally "fat" but figuratively "cool") is translated as "fat"

FAAAWK, i was reading, then you changed -___-

Hahahahaha! yeah he was dutch so i started to talk in dutch with him.. sorry ... hahaha!

tytiger33 (author)Dirtyboyy2011-06-03

Post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

knex deadeye (author)Dirtyboyy2011-03-31

you are never to old for knex

killersir751 (author)Dirtyboyy2011-03-10

you really are an awesome knex creator, and i hope you will never be forgotten (im not homosexual, i just think that 100s of people know you and think you are and awesome creater).
and im really looking forward to your next gun!

Jesus. (author)2012-02-10

Here's a name for it: The Brick. :P

dracorabbid (author)2011-09-22

Finally finished it thanks for posting it. I might make a vid and instructions But I would like to ask your permission for this. I will give you 80% credit. thanks for uploading pictures mine is slightly different.

you made it???? POST PLZ (I subbed)

Dirtyboyy (author)dracorabbid2011-10-24


dude that's awsome..
I would recommend to make a vid and post this gun..
but give me more credit because it's my gun ..

I'ts great you made it and i hope you like it!

Post it and you make a lot of people happy!

Thank you!

wabawaba (author)2011-11-13

you should change the name to TR2x18

knexsim (author)2011-10-15

dude your insaine trying to build this there are no step buy step tutorial on how to buil they skip puting parts togeth but this dubbel holy f*** i dont wont to be in the firing angel of that thig or il probably belld! jessus how can u do this i mean the firing mech is easy but the auto relod thats gust awsom epic ide 10 of 10 for 1 mag 100 out of a 100 for 2!!! ive never said this befor but 50 of 50 stars dude your awsom

i wont it but i dont tink i would be abel to buildit i would do anny thing to get my hands on one of them anny thing!!

Dirtyboyy (author)knexsim2011-10-24

thank you!

if you really want to build this gun you could try to build it from the pictures (what's very difficult) and if you're jammed you can ask me voor details ..
i've broke this gun .. and now i'm looking for ways to make the most powerfull knex weapon ever made ... but that's fxcking hard to discover..

just ask and i answer to let you make this wonderful beast!

superbestknex (author)2011-07-24

could you make instructions for it

luke11wolf (author)2011-07-02

so amazing. best gun i have ever seen. subscribed and 5*

Dirtyboyy (author)luke11wolf2011-07-09

thank you! if you want to make it .. you can ask me for details ;)

superbestknex (author)Dirtyboyy2011-07-10

can i have some details on how to make it

Dirtyboyy (author)superbestknex2011-07-11

afcourse, what do you want to know ??

superbestknex (author)Dirtyboyy2011-07-11

how does the trigger work like the orginal tr-18 or is it diffrent

Dirtyboyy (author)superbestknex2011-07-13

just like the original. don't attach the triggers to eachother because else it wil shot two a time . i think you want to have the choice to shoot or two a time or 1 at a time.

sorry for my late reaction ;)

superbestknex (author)2011-07-10

please post instructions

superbestknex (author)2011-06-29

post instructions for the doulble tr-18 please

apples!!!!! (author)2011-04-24

...that's pretty impressive.

bhuty (author)apples!!!!!2011-06-01

thats freakin awesome, not just impressive

Fr-Pa-Co (author)2011-04-18

i thought the tr-18 had 18 shots not 17

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