Introduction: Double Thick OREO Ice Cream Brownies

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My friend Nick originally stumbled upon a recipe for brownies that substituted both water and oil (and milk if your box calls for it) with oreo ice cream. I made them with my girlfriend for a party a while ago and they were amazing.

You need:

2 boxes of brownie mix

oreo ice cream

White chocolate chips

Double stuffed oreos

Eggs (if called for)

Step 1: Mixery

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Dump one of the boxes of brownie mix into a large bowl and add its egg. You can do both boxes at the same time if your mixing bowl is mighty enough. My brownies were packed with a bag of Hershey syrup.

My brownie mix told me to add 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. I replaced both the water and oil with 3/4 cup of oreo ice cream. I melted it in the microwave at 60% power until it was the consistency of some sort of oily, bubbly mayonnaise. I added 1oz water because it was just too thick.

Then mix until homogeneous.

Step 2: Addons

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Pour both batches into the pan and mix them together. Sprinkle in some chocolate chips and mix them in.

Take 1 whole sleeve of double stuffed vanilla oreos, mash them up, and mix them into the brownies.

Step 3: Bakin

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Heat the oven to the temperature the box specifies. Look at the baking time chart. Find the minimum time you would normally use and multiply by 2; this is because the brownies are double deep, and for some reason the physics works out perfectly that way. It will bake the brownies soft, not hard and crunchy like a few people like them.

Step 4: Decals

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I drew on it in white chocolate. It's very easy to burn chocolate, but less so for white chocolate chips because chance is that there're no chocolate products in it. Making a double boiler will shield the chocolate from direct contact to heat, and will melt it slowly. You know you've burned it if it gets clumpy like sand in Play-Doh, and we all know how frustrating it is to get sand stuck in your Play-Doh.

Fill a small pot with hot water and bring it to a furious boil. Put the chocolate in a bowl big enough to suspend above the boiling water. Do not allow the water to contact the chocolate bowl. Do not get any moisture in the chocolate. Turn off the flame and suspend the chocolate bowl on the boiling pot. Stir the chocolate around until it gets to the consistency of sugary mayonnaise. Pipe it onto the cake.

The brownies are incredibly thick. The double layer protects the inside and bottom from overcooking, and traps moisture. The flavor of the different chocolates combined with all the oreos and ice cream makes these pretty unique, and you'll get invited back by every party you go to.


seamster (author)2014-09-02

Oh man. This looks good!

MooMeat42 (author)seamster2014-09-04

;P Thank you

Sara Ash (author)2014-09-02

r u trying to give me diabetes? :-P
haha awsum recipe :D but we dont have oreo icecream here :/

MooMeat42 (author)Sara Ash2014-09-04

aww, you can still make regular brownies with regular ice cream, oh or maybe just use chocolate chips and cookie dough

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