Double X Lacing





Introduction: Double X Lacing

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Another Way to Lace up your shoes.

Step 1: What You Need

Shoe strings
(the obvious)

Step 2: String

String the string under the eyelets.

Step 3: \

cross the string over 2 eyelets above the first on the left.

Step 4: X

cross over with the other one to make an X with 2 eyelets in between on each side.

Step 5: Under

Put the string through the eyelets under the last set you went through.

Step 6: XX

Make a second X with one eyelet in between.


Done, tie your strings and wear your new laces.



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    Wow, someone is being petty. Not everyone sees Ian's shoelace site. why don't you give it a rest. what the H*LL does it matter if he makes them up or gets them somewhere else.

     this one i did not even see there, i made this one. STOP SPAMMING THEM ALL!

    You saw the others, but missed this one? It's been on Ian's Shoelace Site since 2004.

    its also kind of common sence and easy to think of dont u think?

     no i just dident use this one. i made this ible off my mind. i put up like an ible a day for these shoe lacing ones.

    I like the final result owo

     haha, thanks!

    Great and original lacing pattern with good pictures.
    Nice instructable M'friend

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