Double-barrel Magazine Pistol W/ 'clip-on Mag'

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Introduction: Double-barrel Magazine Pistol W/ 'clip-on Mag'

I like this new weapon.No exotic or modded pieces
It's a shotgun
you don't have to load in bullets every time you want to use it
(unless you didn't build the magazine version)

Very little space in-between trigger mech and ammo.
Not a very gun-like magazine
Cannot chose whether to fire one shot at a time, both shots are fired.

Changes from initial design:
Added removable mag which is also kind of like an extension barrel. I would call it a 'clip-on' mag.
Fires different ammo.



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I have a similar gun with similer mag, I think it might actually be this one but I was thinking about putting one mag on top of the gun with one mag on bottom with like a pin to pull to use the top mag put I just can't seem to get it right.

uhh this thing is a pistol not a shotgun u may think it is but look around

When i say "shotgun, i mean that it fires more than one round at one pull of the trigger. I do realize now that that would be inaccurate,but i don't really fell like changing it now, and people (however few of them) know it by "shotgun", so i'll leave it. Thanks, though. :)

Kinda slow to pick up on knex technology?  Removable mags and shotguns have been done many times before with better mechs.  Not ranting, just saying.

i purposely haven't looked at those, because i don't want to see a mech and use it. I'd rather come up with my own mech :)

come on, you NEED to look around at what other people have done before you post stuff like this. and give all the damn cons.

N00b, I like this, it was better than anything I could come up with at the time.

No, I was commenting on your use of the word N00b, he is not a N00b, but you called him one, proper grammar would have dictated that I should have followed the word N00b with an Exclamation Point or a Question Mark.