Double-barreled Shotgun




Introduction: Double-barreled Shotgun

This is my first instructable so tell me if it need changing or anything.
This started out as a single barreled sniper rifle but the longer barrel had more friction so i shortened it. A few days later i had the idea of making it double barreled so i made a second barrel identical to the original and atatched it to the side. This gun works great with red or grey rods because they dont spin or drift in flight, because of this there very acurate. This gun even shoots through water! i tried it in the bath with a red rod and i was very impressed, it was like a harpoon.

Step 1: The Barrel

Take 2 grey rods and attach lots of conectors to them make sure you attach thethem in the bottom left and right corners (eg at both sides of a red connector) snowflake connectors would work best for the barrle because they give a barrel like apearence but if like me you dont have that many you can use any of the connectors with a hole in the middle. The fifth connector will have to be a yellow so you can attach the barrel but also so you can thread the elsatic band round it to keep the trigger in place, add a green for on both sides of the fifth connector the leave a gap between the fifth and sixth conector large enough to fit an orrange conector then put a green on either side of the ninth conector as this will hold the elastic band then continue to the end of the barrel. Make 2 of these.

Step 2: The Trigger

take an orange conector and add a white rod to the bottom of it.
Then add a grey conector to both sides put a green rod on the grey conectors then attach to those a silver conector then on the other join add a white rod and attach a grey connector to that. Put the orrange connector in the gap in the barrel thread an elastic band through the hole and thread it round the green rods and hook it onto the other green rod.

Step 3: Handle

Take 4 yellow connectors and add 4 white rods to either the bottom left or bottom right of them (depending on how you look at them, if your have any trouble understanding what im saying consult the pictures) then add a yellow conector at the 2 end white rodsthen add 4 yellow conectors between the newly added conectors and the 4 other onesclip them together with a blue rod. Then add 4 more white rods and attach to those 4 green conectorsclip to more yellow connectors to the bottom.

Step 4: Stock

Take 6 yellow connectors and clip them at the bottom with a blue rod then add 6 yellow rods in both directions, clip one set onto the handle. Take 6 more yellow connectors and clip them together with a blue rod attach the connectors onto the other 6 yellow rods, add 4 blue rods in the middle and add 2 red rods at the ends, add orange connectors to the blue rods and add 4 more blue rods to the connectors, add six red connectors to the red and blue rods then add 4 blue rods vertically and 6 yellow rods diagonally. add red connectors to the blue rods and add a yellow connector on either side of the blue rods connected with green rods then do the same on the other side of the connectors and connect the 2 yellow connectors with white rods then add 4 green connectors and to yellow connectors to the yellow rods I mentioned earlier then connect to blue rods. Then get 4 red connectors and 2 snowflake connectors and connect to the yellow connectors via yellow rods, then connect the snowflakes to the handle by yellow rods.

Step 5: Your Done!

And your finished. Now connect it all together and add the firing pins which are just grey rods with orange connectors attached to them use as many elastic bands as you want for this gun I used balloons but thats only because I didn't have any strong elastic bands. If your wondering why I put 2 snowflakes on the stock it because you can hold up to 6 rounds of spare ammunition on them. To use the gun pull the rods back and make sure the trigger covering the hole, add your ammunition, and pull the trigger!



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    20 Discussions

    it looks like a double barreled harpoon gun - nothing like a shotgun - it needs shells , not sniper rounds and long barrels with a nice stock

    man why did you do that. you probably really hurt him please dont do that again

    well it was an accident!! my knex shotgun got jammed and it fired without me pulling trigger!!

    acualy i think u can reduse the friction by using the same conecters for the barrel becuase i have found out that when i tryed using the same conecter it just slides rite through the barrel but when I used different connecters it got stuck(well not realy stuck but just stopped you know what i mean) and sorry for the spelling so dont go telling me about it ok :)

    i shot my friend in the hand with a red rod(unsharpened) and it made him bleed

    i shot killerks gun in a pool onces it harpooned across the pool 6 feet quickly and then it sank it was cool :)

    looks ok, butt could do with some improvement though.