Double Chain Elevator Lift, a K'nex Ball Machine Lift





Introduction: Double Chain Elevator Lift, a K'nex Ball Machine Lift

Hello everyone, I'm pleased to present you my newest K'nex ball lift. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Entrance Part

Step 2: Tower Part

If you want to build the lift higher repeat this part.

Step 3: Exit Part

Step 4: Elevator Part

55 chain parts needed.

Step 5: Motor Part

Difficult part. Hopefully the pictures are clear enough.

Step 6: Finished!

The video above is the lift in my ball machine Interwined. Thanks for building or watching.



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    i am also building this lift totally awesome concept. i have one question in theory you could go as tall as you wanted (i was thinking 3times as high as you have here) as long as the base and the top remain the same is that a safe assumption or would there be some technical difficulties. I am wanting to use the elevator as one of my main lifts for a ball machine i think it would be an awesome feature we will have to see if it works

    If Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today, he would be humbled by this design. This is a beautiful design. I was up until 7:00 this morning building on this thing and am very eager to get it done.. Great work..

    Wow! Thank you very much! Nice to hear you have build the lift! If you send me a picture I will ad it.

    you asked for it.. I had problems making the counterweight work. I think my problem is that I used the wrong sized rubber band. I found the same kind of band that you used on yours and haven't put it on yet..

    elevator lift a.jpg

    Thank you for the picture. I hope it works now!

    Your welcome... and I meant every word I typed... I just finished this lift yesterday. I spent about 10 hours building it. most of that time was on the motor, gear head. This is because my fingers are old and fat.. lol.. This is going into my next machine that is going to wrap around my office.. I'll send you a pic tomorrow... Thanks for a great build

    That is awesome! Can't wait for it! Thank you!

    omg, i just finally realised how it works. The gear don't change direction the chain move height. stupid me. Iv'e been stuck on it for weeks.

    Aww that is sooo cool! I've always tried to make something like this!