Hi all!
This is my first instructable, so to start i'm adding a tutorial about an easy knowledge that every crocheter need.

I personally hate to start crocheting in rows with a chain base, especially when i have to crochet in the two sides of the chain (like in the case of irish leaves), and i found this tecnique to be very useful to give speed to my projects...so, let's start!

Step 1: Step 1

Crochet 2 chains, insert the hook only into the back loop of the first chain, yarn over, pull out a loop, yarn over and pull out throught the two loops.
We have crocheted a single crochet :)
wow! thanks, this was extremely clear instructions and really appreciate it.
 i like the necklace dealy. i think you should make an instructable of that.
Nicely explained! The little arrows help a lot.

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