Step 4: Glue and Insert Flash Drives

Now it's just a matter of applying glue, I used Elmer's® Carpenter's® Wood Glue, clamping it and letting it dry.

The fit was so snug that I just pushed the drives in and they're staying put. If it's a little loose you can easily dab a bit of hot glue onto the end and the sides of the drives and use that to keep it in place.

So now you have a double-ended flash drive. Carry your digital life around with you and take on everything.
next step: USB shuriken. one for work, one for play, one for, uh, cat pictures, and one for.... bills? I dunno. you'd have to work that out.
looky here https://www.instructables.com/id/Shuriken-USB/
do you have a recommendation on where I can buy the case-less flash drives? (in bulk if possible)
In my opinion, this isnt a good idea. I have two USB pen drives which i keep on a lanyard. There are many times when i have been using a file on one of the pen drives and needed something on the other pen drive. The only way you deal with that is to close all applications and files that are open on one drive, then unplug the USB pen drive before switching over. <br> <br>Your (very neat) solution will have exactly the same problem.
I think the point is to have a total separation between work and play. if he wants to play around in his personal folders, he's going to have to stop all his work, which is exactly what is intended. that way there's not any time lost to the endless abyss of &quot;my work's open, so I'm working, right?&quot; when really you spent all day fiddling around with a 3d model of a banana.
im with you on this one, and you dont even really have to close anyhting, as long as you plug the flash drive back into the right end before you click save, no harm done. the only effect this would have is on portable apps, and even then most of them load into resident memory so they will run without core files anyways....
I do get that, and its certainly a laudible aim! <br> <br>Personally, I dont separate work and life at all. I do put a firm split between the week and the weekend though, usually by popping to the pub to read the papers and a couple of pints of real ale. <br> <br>I can also &quot;turn off&quot; quite easily, but if I need to work a bit later I can also &quot;turn off&quot; the life bit while I get on. <br> <br>My original comment is still valid, its such a pfaff to have to shut everything down whilst you switch over - its bound to be a problem.
Actually a simple solution is to just use a USB extension cable for the other side... <br>
Nice Project <br>but what if i want to wear them at the same time?
Next time: Four flash drives with an integrated hub, set up in a RAID.
I can imagine the conundrums now. One side contains a virus to remove your identity from this world forever and make it impossible for you to find meaningful employment ever again. The other with make you rich beyond your wildest imagination. Choose! Muahahaha! <br> <br>Or just use it for backups if you wish... Seems boring now though, doesn't it?
Very cool indeed, I may just try this. Being a bit paranoid I keep daily backups in a fire-safe, but it isn't half inconvenient. This is the nicest USB case I have come across so far, thank you!
Great job I would like to make some thing like this!!
Go for it and post your results!
Wow, you got aroductive week man! Nice job! Was it make week? <br>
It's one of a series of projects we did for Elmer's so I've been sitting on them for a bit. Then mass publish!
The quick and dirty way is to use clear epoxy glue, add a thick layer and it bonds and forms a thick plastic like protective casing. if you take the extra step of removing the case down to the board as is possible iwth many usb drives, you can paint the epoxy straight on the board and make it water proof.
Sure, but I wanted to have some design for it too. Even quicker and dirtier would be a glue gun.
Very nice looking product! If I had a laser cutter, I would give it a shot. What type of flash drive did you use?
Ah, good question. This one's a little smaller so this works out better. It's a Patriot X-Porter Mini
Nice! It came out really well. I'd want a cap with mine, but still love it, especially the graphic.
I considered a cap (or two), but when I take a look at all my flash drives I realized I never hold on to them.
Nice! I love it :D <br> <br>Looks super clean and its actually really useful! Great project.
Two memory sticks in a single handy to lose package- Pretty cool thou
You've just described every flash drive ever made. Having the only copy of your files on a flash drive is going to end in tears no matter what.

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