I am mostly a film photographer. But with the introduction of the iphone, I have been seduced by "iphoneography" One of my favorite techniques in analogue photography is double exposures. For those of you who don't know what a double exposure is, its exactly what it sounds like. Exposing the film twice, essentially creating two pictures on top of each other. On film this takes some planning so as to not "over expose" the film and you must have a strategy to get the composition you'd like. But with digital we can blend the two pictures after the fact. Adjusting exposure and composition with editing software or an app.

Step 1: Downloading an App

I am going to walk you through taking a double exposure on your iphone. There is an app for the Android called Vignette that allows you to do a double exposures. But I dont have experience with it so today we will be using the Image Blender app for the Iphone.

<p>nice!! <br>try Instafusion app.....it has a very easy and beautiful interface..</p>
<p>you're the coolest! all this time I thought you were using one of the DSLR cameras that allows you to create double exposures in the menu setting. This is so great!!</p>
<p>Pretty! I'll have to figure out how to do this on my android!</p>
<p>very cool!</p>

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