hi guys this is my double pistol
it can be seperated by taking out the white rods(see pic)

its pretty good!

ill have it posted with instructions by friday

here it is

Looks familiar to something I made a long time ago...<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Double_Pistol/<br />
oh yeh<br />
Lol. Did it inspire? Or did you just not see it.<br />
i just didnt see it<br />
Okay lol.<br />
Looks like a waste of effort. You only need 1 and this would take double the time to reload and cock.<br />
yup<br />
&nbsp;hay! I made something very similar, except instead of connected like that, they where connected side by side. the result was a shotgun, but it could be kind of semi auto. (when you pull it back once, you get to shots, because 2 triggers right next to each other.
cool<br />
haha!!!! lol!!!!!<br />
yup<br /> <br /> gtg cya<br />
bye...<br />
This is OK... 4*
kinda broke it :(<br /> <br /> but ill put a box fing there!<br />
k, press reply button so i can talk to you better.,..<br />
ok<br /> <br /> hold on<br /> brb<br />
k<br />
back go on 2nd pic<br /> <br /> its ROFL<br />
k<br />
ok<br /> now go on 2nd pic<br />
pics dont show up...<br />
fixed it<br />
k, nice! lol, add a circle barrel will look like a person...<br />

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