This is a double shot modification of my K'nex gun.

The original is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_gun_29/

Step 1: Gather the Parts

(The parts are said in the standard colors. The pictures may differ slightly.)

2 single shot K'nex guns Here.
2 bullets
2 white rods
2 grey connectors

Step 2: Assemble

1. Attach a white rod to the bottom of the green connectors
2. Attach a white rod to the bottom of the yellow connectors
3. Attach a grey connector to the white rod connected to the green connectors. This needs to face up, so it is obscured by the green connectors.
4. Attach a grey connector to the white rod in the front of the gun, facing forward (as opposed to up).

Step 3: Fire It

1. Pull back the orange connector(s) as far as possible
2. Place a bullet(s) in front of the orange connector(s), in between the two sides of the rubber band(s)
3. Slide your finger out of the way quickly

Nice Dude. Pretty Easy to make and it is super easy to conceal. I think I may be able to modify the bullets to make them look cooler. So I'll try to post an Instructable to make the bullets look cooler.
Seal of Oricalcos?
Another yugioh fan I see!
How did you know what that was?
Let's just say..... I'm into the game... (you know which one)
You just lost the game.<br />
&nbsp;and so did you
No durr sherlock.<br />
Secretly, I am too.
Season 4 of yugioh.<br />
Yep. How did you know that this was from season 4 of yugioh?
I watched it back in 2004, when those episodes were released.<br />
Thanks! Definitely do that. I can't wait to see!
The barrels can fire independently, it's just more annoying to do.
does this even have a trigger? nice idea, but not very good for accuracy, range or power. great for low piece count guns, though.
&nbsp;Not really. You just hold the orange pieces back with your finger.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> If you want to shoot someone from ten feet away it's about alright... :D<br /> <br /> Luckily I have much more powerful and accurate guns now.<br /> <br /> Really great for those times when you just don't have enough pieces...<br />
I just made the instructable so go check it out!
does it shoot far?
Not terribly far, but just enough to be worth trying it out. It helps to flick your wrist a little as you fire it.
um.. that is nothing compared to what we can realy make!
Can you make a better gun with seven pieces? I think not. But if you use more parts, you can easily make a way better gun (I have!). I just wanted to make something simple that takes a minute to build at most and works well. For what I do normally, this gun is perfect.
pst its 5 pcs w/o Rubber band 6 w/ rubber band
a netherland dwarf?
no, its some kind of japanise squirel. I just found it on the internet and liked it.
I will soon make a new TRULY semi auto knex gun.
Done. The system, though, came out to be a little different. Here it is.
it is truely semi auto, but that mec (RB to bullet) has been done many times.<br/><br/><sub> maybe your next project shhoule make a firing pin to bullet semi- auto w/ mag</sub><br/>
hmmm... looks an awful lot like <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Gunzo-the-Great-Knex-Automatic-Rubber-Band-Gun/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Gunzo-the-Great-Knex-Automatic-Rubber-Band-Gun/</a>. Hopefully its better, though<br/>
It is better, but I upgraded it EVEN more. It now has an removable clip, adjustable stock, true trigger (And it now shoots grey connectors). Thanks to s0lekill3r for the removable clip, and for the stock.
And, it will be the only simple one. My design is to put a trigger onto the firing pin, so you can pull back.
oodalumps already did that!
Then you would make a bowgun, because you need to RELEASE the trigger.
thats cool
True. It should be &quot;a removable clip&quot;. Spend a few decades here and you'll be cured in no time! <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gophonics.com/">http://www.gophonics.com/</a><br/>
Well removable magazine, removable clip... does it matter?
Fires pretty good
best gun evah! :D
dude!!! this thing rules as a side arm... i replaced the barrel connector with a grey one!!! the simple sniper =) also good job on the shot gun!<br/>
The original was a grey connector...it has slightly better aim, if slightly reduced range. I didn't actually make it up, though, so I don't think I can post it. Glad you liked it!
i ment rod not connector srry... and how can i find the original? i want to see it.
Easy to mix them up. Don't worry! I don't think the original is anywhere online...I'll as Othnielia if I can post it.
also it that a new picture i see?
I don't think so...
oh and i subscribed if you didnt know

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Bio: Amateur photographer and dabbler in K'nex weaponry.
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