Introduction: Double-tap Music Scroll With a Makey Makey

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I love listening to music when I study but I hate having to

look up to the screen to change or choose a song so I decided I’d get me a little scroll :)


· Some tin foil

· Makey Makey kit

· An old CD cover

· Glue

Step 1: Preps and Connections

Picture of Preps and Connections

Cut out a play, fast-forward and rewind shapes out of

the foil. Glue these onto the back of the CD cover. Take

2 connecting wires and plonk them into the up and down scrolls on the back of the makey makey(the mouse connects).

Step 2: A Few Little Extra Touches

Picture of A Few Little Extra Touches

Use a different colour crocodile clip to connect to

each connecting wire. Upwards is for rewinding and downwards is for fast-forwarding. Use another colour to connect to the click opening on the makey makey and that will be for the play option.

Step 3: One Last Precaution....

Picture of One Last Precaution....


one clip to the group and the other end to yourself-either by making a little foil bracelet that touches your skin then attaching the other end of the clip or if you have a metal strap watch, connect to that instead.

Step 4: Plug in and Play :-)


tomatoskins (author)2015-03-31

What a great idea! I love it!

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