Double the Range of Most RBGs!





Introduction: Double the Range of Most RBGs!

This is a very simple trick I thought of, that will increase the range significantly!

Step 1: Supplies

You must gather the supplies for the ammunition of the high powered RBG.
These generally come in any knex set, so just look around.
You need 2 elastics
You need 2 grey connectors
You need 1 white rod

Did I mention this is not my first instructable, so be nice!


Step 2: 2 Is Better Than One!

Now you must tie the rubber bands together, and this might be hard for some unknown reason.

1: What you are making
2: Loop one through the other
3: Slide it through itself
4:Pull a bit

This may be difficult for people with no hands.

Step 3: Slide Slide Slide!

Now you must slide the grey connectors onto the elastics.

Come on, what more is there to add?

Step 4: Finishing the Construction

The hardest part.
You must slide the elastic onto the rod, then clip one grey on.
Now slowly, slide the other one on, straighten it out and clip the other one on, done!

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Okay, you took the time to build this you better! And now you think, AHH! HOW DO I LOAD IT????

Well im nice. I am going to tell you.

Put the front on normally, then pull the greys back.

Separate them, then just put them on.


As I said this is not! my first instructable, so be nice!



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    This is just pointless. sorry, but 0.5.

    You gotta be insane. Thats like giving killerks sr v1 a 2! It works, so if you don't try it, don't talk.

    ok, it works but it is sorta a waste of parts for 1 rubber band.

    Yeah, but its 3 parts!!!!!!!! How can that be a waste?

    your in a knex war, and your wssting the ammo for your best gun!

    Ammo? one rod of ammo and 2 clips.... not that much....

    Can we sop going on about this please! Its a bit of plastic for heavens sake!

    And rubber......


    its not pointless, it works!

    Im sorry, I didn't see his. I have added a credit to him. And anyway, I do not like Ki that much. I agree, but the robot will get mad otherwise.