Picture of Double to Simple to Double again
I made it at Techshop

That is "Teeth Brutalis" our table saw at Techshop

She love bite acrylic, plastic and wood

Step 1: Let's turn off the machine

Picture of Let's turn off the machine
blkhawk2 years ago
I believe that what you call a double blade, is really a dado blade.
the dado blade
pfred2 blkhawk2 years ago
That is what I call mine. Safety third get the job done! Check out these mad dados I just cut:

blkhawk pfred22 years ago
I realized how unsafe the dado blade is in my picture. I have to say in my defense that it is not my table saw but a link to a flickr picture. My table saw has an anti-kickback guard and plastic shield but I could not take a picture since it does not have my dado blade on. Good observation!