I got some Doublemint gum in my Christmas stocking this year. It came in a nice little that I’ll eventually use to put junk that I refuse to throw away. Generally I’m not a big gum chewer. Can’t throw all the gum away though because that would just be wasteful. What do I do instead? I start playing with it.

I had popped a couple pieces of gum in my mouth when, like anyone with a severe case geek, I noticed the wrapper was about the size of a USB key. I then of course grabbed my USB key, threw it in the wrapper, and it was a perfect fit.

Having being struck by inspiration I grabbed a fresh pack of gum and headed to my secret laboratory. There, after many late hours and painstaking trial and error, I developed my own Doublemint flavored USB key. Here I have meticulously documented the process.

First things first. Gather all the tools and supplies needed. The following are required: Hot glue gun, Appropriately sized USB Key (I used a 16GB Kingston DataTraveler 100), A fine point Sharpie pen, an X-acto knife, and a pack of Wrigley’s Doublemint chewing gum. Optionally a ruler or some other straight edge could help. I found the stick of gum just as effective.

Technically speaking, you could use also Juicy Fruit, but that would just be weird.

Step 1: Reverse Origami

You’ll need to get the wrapper open, with minimal damage to the packing. The traditional method of pulling the little tab is out because it is self-destructive to the packaging. Grab your X-acto knife and carefully shim the blade under the outer fold on the side of the packaging. Open the side of the package like you are opening a very tiny package of cereal.

You’ll be able to carefully open the wrapper down the side and pull the gum out. Enjoy a little chewing break but save a piece for later.

Unfold the wrapper completely, using the same cereal box technique to open the opposite side. Lay it out flat.
That's pretty clever! Thanks for sharing :)

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