Introduction: Doubling the Speed of Your Internet Dongle

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Quite often the speed of the internet of a person's dongle is slow.


Step 1: Materials:

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A Compact Disc

Foil paper

USB extension cable

Step 2:

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Cover the CD with the foil paper.

Step 3:

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Make a hole in the center of the CD.

Step 4:

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Put one end of a USB extension cable through the center of the CD.


sonig (author)2016-04-30

what a joke ?

classic trick, doesn't boost speed as such but because it improves signal it prevents as many packets of data being lost and hence creates a slight apparent speed improvement. this also works for reflecting wi-fi signals from a home wifi hub back into the house rather than out of the walls, in that second use it really does have a measurable effect.

incognito0288 (author)2014-05-13

this one makes me laugh.

Jan_Henrik (author)incognito02882014-05-13

@incognito0288 it will boost your connection, so you can realy have a faster internet connection to your router... :P

vjmpune (author)incognito02882014-05-13

try if u dint believe

vjmpune (author)incognito02882014-05-13

bro ty if u dont believe..

vicvelcro (author)2014-05-13

This may help boost a weak signal, thereby increasing a sub-optimal transfer rate into something acceptable.

However, this does not double the speed of a dongle. If the dongle is rated 150Mb/s and is already operating at that speed or very close to it, boosting the signal would not take it above 150MB/s. It may actually reduce the transfer rate of a dongle that already receives a strong signal. Phase inversion and microreflections are likely to instigate a lot of error correction.


umarnl (author)2014-05-13

it work as a antena not speed

vjmpune (author)umarnl2014-05-13

did u build it?

vjmpune (author)2014-05-13

did u try it?

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