Picture of Doughnut Cake
We love doughnuts; we love frosting- so it makes sense to combine the two and make a sweet little doughnut cake. But - I admit - we're short on time. You could make your doughnuts from scratch - and/or your frosting from scratch but for this project -it's all about fast.
The 4th of July is around the corner so I used a little food coloring to give it a colorful twist -you could do that or add other colors or none at all; just the frosting of your choice.

Step 1: Gather

Picture of Gather
3 cake doughnuts
White frosting in can
Red and Blue food coloring gel

Add a little food coloring (remember to use a clean toothpick to go into the food gel so you don't contaminate it) to 2 little bowls of frosting.
myrrhmaid10 months ago

Finally a use for those unfrosted donuts! They are so annoying. Plain donuts!? What's the point!? Ilove it!

kikigrace29 days ago
this looks so yummy! this is the kind of cake I want At my birthday party next year!
shakkyd7 months ago

Those were always the last donuts left in the box! I agree with @myrrhmaid! Finally as use for the plain donuts!

cherry H1 year ago
Iook's good
crazy gurl1 year ago


gralan1 year ago
wow, my wife is going to flip out over this. Wonderful idea.
zamrin2 years ago
looks good!!!
realife112 years ago
I would put a twizzler in the center for laughs.
Excellent idea for a quick, no muss, no fuss cake.
I would put it on it's side and call it a cake yule log for xmas.
microfarm2 years ago
Just a delightful presentation! Love your sense of humor and life! I would not make this cake, but it's a great idea, well done!
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
Yummy!!!! ❤❤❤
Yes! I have a donut pan and have been dying to bake some donuts. This is a great twist on it.
Kyle Frazer2 years ago
Well, that's my diet down the drain. How cool does that look, all iced up and with sprinkles?
kerikins2 years ago
lairdkeffer2 years ago
Man if you could get custard filled cake doughnut's and do this .... Oh good lord I can hear my self getting fatter now :)
But it's so worth it, lol.
KimberlyStoney (author) 2 years ago
Thank you all for your comments, suggestions and critiques. I’m thrilled!
Over some excellent cocktails tonight, we discussed and devised countless variations that included Bavarian doughnuts, stacking and turning and the introduction of ice cream. Please- make merry and enjoy the idea of doughnut cake in all its variations (chocolate glazed doughnuts and cream cheese peanut butter frosting?)

Thank you all for looking and to those who commented- extra thanks!
twofouroh2 years ago
Mmmmmm, took me right back to when I was 6, making raids on Mom's icing containers in the fridge. . . . . . .
Thanks for yummies. Pretty colors on donicakes and the utensil is cool also. Picture the following on a frosted fortune cookie, "Your artistic cooking abilities will take you farther". Almost forgot, nice Gif!
Very pretty! Might be worth trying with gluten free donuts too, but those usually come frozen.
tw2sheds2 years ago
Real calorie saver with the holes in the middle too.....
blodefood2 years ago
Draw a red maple leaf and it will be ready for a first of July celebration!
Add a strawberry and some blueberries on top and you are ready for the 4th of July!
HollyMann2 years ago
Ok I had to comment again - the pictures are killing me!!! Yummmmmm it looks so good my son would do anything if I made him this! :) lol...I will show him your awesome instructable! pictures are beautiful!
mgcmn12342 years ago
Really creative idea!
momoluv2 years ago
Do you realize that you could have just cut one donut? Because the other two you just set on top of each other that made them look exactly like they were before
KimberlyStoney (author)  momoluv2 years ago
You're absolutely right- but that would be 2 less layers of frosting. I can see how it might look like the doughnuts were just stacked on top of each other but each half gets a layer of frosting (in step 4)- that way they're securely "glued" together and the doughnuts stay extra moist.
shaddoty2 years ago
mmm diabetes
This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing :)
:0 Give me this cake! You are a genius sir!
HollyMann2 years ago
This is So adorable and I absolutely love the picture!
and I like the fork...
M3G2 years ago
That looks fantastic! I'm gonna have to make this.