Tools and supplies I used:

Bandsaw (only attempt this project if you’ve been trained on this)
Router table with ½ inch dovetail router bit (only attempt this project if you’ve been trained on this)
1 2x6 board douglas fir, at least 4” long
1 2x6 board redwood, at least 4” long

I made it at Techshop: techshop.ws

I inserted the dovetail bit into the router table and adjusted the height of the bit so that it was sticking up about 3/8” above the table surface.  I put the adjustable table router fence on top of the normal table saw fence.

Step 1: Making the Female Piece

I moved the fence so that there was about 1” between the top of the bit and the fence, and I noted that the exact position of the fence (on the table saw ruler which is on the front of the table saw/router table) was at 34 1/8”.   I placed the douglas fir piece against the fence so that the router would cut with the grain, and I ran the wood through (making a female dovetail).  I moved the fence 1/4” further away from the bit (to 33 7/8”) and ran the wood through again, widening the dovetail.  I then moved the fence an additional 1 ¾” away from the bit (to 32 1/8”) and ran the wood trough again (making another female dovetail.  And finally, I moved the fence another ¼” further away from the bit (to 31 7/8”) and ran the wood through again, widening the 2nd dovetail.
Love the way that it goes together. baffled me for a sec.
you could totally hollow that out and make a box out of it too. I can see that becoming a hidden engagement ring box or something...very nice.
<strong>Great job, keep it up!</strong><br> As an engagement ring puzzle box, not all ladies would not appreciate the challenge. But as a jewelry box, some wives would like it- ONCE THEY KNEW THE SECRET!
Good idea <br>
If you orient the grain parallel with the sides, it may be a little less obvious. Just saying... Great instructable!
Great Instructable : Have you thought of cutting a hollow out in the middle with a Router so can have some object inside that rattles ?
It would be really cool to make into a secret box. This instructable definitely messed with my mind when i first viewed it...very cool! <br>
This would make a nice keepsake 'box' if a hollow was created in one half or the other...
And here I thought I had plans for Saturday...oh well, those things will just have to wait!
Neat! XD
A little knowledge (about dovetails) is a dangerous thing (to solve). <br />Nice work, thanks for sharing!
Clever design.
thats cools

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