I had to make a TV console and really wanted to try some good joinery techniques. So I took this project to try it out and in the end I did like the way it turned. I will probably do more wood project like this one.

Of course I did not end up with perfect joints but using some wood filler fixed everything. Certainly with more practice I will get better result but for now let's me get you throw the process of making this dovetailed TV console.

Step 1: Dimensioning the Wood

I started by buying rough lumber of beech wood. Their width was different and had to make some calculation to get the most from each board. I had the 3D model I made and like a puzzle I managed to feel all the gaps. It turned out that I had some of the boards with crooks, bows and cups. To get better result with those wood deformations resulting from the drying process, I had to change some of my calculation. I used a circular saw for rough length dimensions and some of the boards where sawed on their length to get used in different pieces. I had to finish all the cuts with the hand saw because the cut depth of my circular saw wasn't enough. I ended up with some good pieces remaining for other future projects.

Very nice bro !!!
Good job !
Good joinery work!! BCE!!!
<p>Beautiful work! That looks great :)</p>
<p>Thank you!!! :)</p>

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Bio: Hi there, I'm Talel from Tunisia. I'm a 3D artist and animator and now woodworker for almost a year.
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