This instructable describes every step involved in duplicating your existing prescription frames or sunglasses into a wooden dovetailed frame. If you are making prescription frames care must be taken to ensure that the geometry remains the same.
This project started because I was sick of the hinges failing on my glasses, so I decided to make a pair that didn't include hinges. Since I'm a cabinetmaker, dovetails seemed to be the most obvious choice. The photos in this tutorial are from several different pairs I've made. I've been wearing mine for many months now and they're the lightest, most comfortable glasses I've ever had, and because of the laminated construction, they've proven to be very durable. Let's get started!

Step 1: Making the Bending Form

The first step in the making of wooden frames is to create a form in which you can produce the bent lamination needed for the front of the frames. If you look at your glasses, you'll see that they are curved lengthwise. This curve may or may not be even, so on a block of wood larger then the frames, I sketch the curve lightly while holding the frames in place. Make sure to draw a centre line to keep things straight, then use a french curve or a large compass to make a clean cut line. Cut out the curve in one pass on a bandsaw, then sand it lightly to remove any burrs or humps. A slightly rough surface here doesn't matter because this form is only for creating the shape. Cover both surfaces of the curve with packing tape so that glue will not stick to it, and you're ready to laminate.

Can you elaborate on sticking the lenses in the glasses?
<p>Very amazing. I like it much. Thank you for sharing this article.</p>
<p>First of all, these are some beautiful specs, sir!</p><p>Do you have any more pictures of how you shaped the ear pieces? In looking at the photo where you show how you cut them from a single piece of wood, it looks like you accounted for the ear pieces curving in at the back to conform to the skull. </p><p>Thanks for the cool instructable!</p>
<p>I love this </p><p> WriterKingdom</p>
<p>Oh it uses veneer?? I gotta try this out then!! :) Amazing and such nice instructions!</p>
I'm an Optician and these are BEAUTIFUL! And could easily run parallel to boutique wooden frames on the market. Just a heads up too those of you who want to make a safety pair of these the only difference is the lens can't be able to pop out backwards if they can most official worksites won't allow them
<p>Oh....I gotta do this....thanks for the inspiration!</p>
<p>Have you had any problems with CA glue fogging your lens?</p>
well done sir. Now drop the mic and walk off the stage like a boss!
<p>I don't wear prescriptions but I do need some new safety glasses! As soon as I can perfect the dovetail I may try this with mortise and tenon!!!</p>
Just realized I follow you on Instagram! I love your work!!
<p>This is fantastic, beautiful work. </p><p>It is a perfect solution to a conundrum i have. My wife has a great old pair of safety glasses that belonged to her grandfather that are very cool and very comfortable. I've always been a little jealous of them, but now I can make my own matched pair! Thanks.</p>
<p>Great tip - &quot;If you get epoxy on your skin, DO NOT use a solvent to get it off, this actually pushes it through your skin faster,&quot;</p>
<p>I wish I needed to wear glasses so I could justify spending time to try and make a pair like yours! Awesome precision work.</p>
<p>make some sunglasses ;)</p>
And now I feel dumb, many thanks :)
<p>cool project and well done in every detail! thanks for sharing</p>
<p>good work man...thanks for the inspiration! </p>
<p>I wish I needed to wear glasses so I could justify spending time to try and make a pair like yours! Awesome precision work.</p>
<p>OMG!! I MUST HAVE! </p>
Omg I can't stop looking at this wooden piece of Art is awesome I need on !!!!!!!!
Woow I am so touched and impressed I am seeing this from Africa I need one I don't know whether you can send me one lol or sell me one
Beautiful. I need to try this.
What a fantastic instructable... I will definitely try this one
Dude! This is just amazing! I'll make my own set. Thanks for sharing!
<p>Wow, did you ever raise the game in this instructables category. Nice job.</p>
What a fantastic project and very well explained, I am definitely going to try this one. Thank you for sharing this!!
I just love these! I think I may need to make a pair from an old pair of lenses.

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