Downhill Wooden Vehicle





Introduction: Downhill Wooden Vehicle

Hi everyone!

In this instructable I'll show you one of my vehicles which I made. I made this one about 5 years ago (then I was 13), back then I had some old Samsung phone (and a lot of Oak planks) with which I took those pictures and video, too bad that I only have 2 pictures, but, I have video too, I post it on the bottom of instructable. :)

I also found some sketches for that so that I could draw it in CAD ( Solidworks).

Wood which I used is Oak, other materials are screws for wood, file, drill, sand paper, wheels .

Step 1: Just Different View Angles

Everything is drew by scale M1:1.

This construction could hold 130 Kg with no problem (tested) and center of gravity is on back wheels so actually you were doing drift in every curvature.

One relative important thing, put some grease between mowing parts (steering wheel) because I didn't use bearings, and they were not needed.

Step 2: Measurements

I also put all that in PDF because screenshots aren't so clear.

Step 3: Final Words

So, I'm sorry because lack of original pictures, but I think that CAD drawings are pretty clear. All CAD parts which I drew are on the bottom.
And here is the video:

And, if you are wondering where the brakes are, well, nowhere, shoes eventually if needed, but main brake was neighbor's yard as you can see in the video. :)

And that would be it. If you like this little project, feel free to vote, and if you have some other questions or something, feel free to comment. :D



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Thanks for sharing your ideas clearly and still allow us to play to his genius, through PDF files.

You're welcome ;)

voted on all contests

Thanks :-)

voted on all contests

voted on all contests

My little brother and I definitely used to do this with a little red wagon I had. We could sort of control it if we pulled the handle all the way back and used it to turn the front wheels. Fun times!

I've seen many version of those vehicles, the cool kids were those who had gas engine on their vehicles. :)

Definitely fun times, it would be nice if you could go back sometimes.

In my day, some of us had skateboards. Unlike the ones today, they were pretty much a flat board. Mine was an extra long one and we used to lay on our backs on them and coast down the hill in front of my house, steering by leaning one way or the other. It reminds me of the luge.