I'm a long time user, first time actual poster on Instructables.com, so I'm kind of new to this.  As my first Instructable I really wanted to post something that was easy to do, as well as useful to have.  However, as things sometimes go with me, I got distracted by the "BlagoBlag" and fifteen minutes later I was instead looking at downloading various cartoons on my iPod Touch.

That's when I decided, for my first Instructable, I will weigh in with my personal take on how to easily download and convert internet episodes, and various media on an iPod Touch and iPhone in just a couple of simple steps.

Step 1: Materials

This isn't really a step, but more of a preliminary check list. This should all be fairly obvious and very simple procedure. All you will need is:

1) Computer (with internet access, obviously)
2) iPod/iPhone (no need for explanation here)
3) iPod Touch/ iPhone connector cable
Adventure Time!
I hope you know that what you are doing is highly illegal. The converting process is legal, but even just watching those PIRATED shows/movies is illegal. There are very few websites that have legally posted movies/tv shows, and even those don't allow you to legally download the content. One of the few websites that lets you watch the content (and is completely legal) is Hulu.com. They make a deal with the film/broadcasting company to show the movie/show for free, and Hulu pays them to. The way Hulu gets money is through ads. With those pirated sites, you may as well just walk into a local video store, and steal a movie. I suggest to anyone reading this instructable to not watch pirated content.
Meh, as much as I would like to stay here and debate with you the reasons why "illegal piracy" is completely subjective and the laws enforcing said "illegalities" are ill-defined, I'm too lazy so I won't. Besides, my main reason for posting this Instructable was just to show how one could download a video, ANY video, on your iPod or iPhone. But thanks for your comment.
It's actually pretty clear cut - if you didn't pay for it (buy, rent, watch the ads, get from a friend, etc.) then it's illegal (about 99.999999999999999999999% of the time)
ahhh vista it burns.....get 7 10Xbetter
Yeah, I really need 7. I'm tired of getting mad at my computer when it's actually just the horrible OS.
lol, I hear you, I had vista and NOTHING used to work! Now I upgraded to windows 7 pro and my computer is faster than ever and I'm using 50% of the RAM versus 80-90% on vista

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