Download & Convert Movies for iPod/ iPhone in a Few Steps

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I'm a long time user, first time actual poster on, so I'm kind of new to this.  As my first Instructable I really wanted to post something that was easy to do, as well as useful to have.  However, as things sometimes go with me, I got distracted by the "BlagoBlag" and fifteen minutes later I was instead looking at downloading various cartoons on my iPod Touch.

That's when I decided, for my first Instructable, I will weigh in with my personal take on how to easily download and convert internet episodes, and various media on an iPod Touch and iPhone in just a couple of simple steps.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
This isn't really a step, but more of a preliminary check list. This should all be fairly obvious and very simple procedure. All you will need is:

1) Computer (with internet access, obviously)
2) iPod/iPhone (no need for explanation here)
3) iPod Touch/ iPhone connector cable

Step 2: Step 1: Download Videora Converter

Picture of Step 1: Download Videora Converter
As you might already know, not all types of video format files are playable on Apple mobile devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc).  Instead, these devices can only play video files that are in a .mp4 video format

When a video is not an mp4 file and is in other video formats (.wmv, .avi, .flv), I use a free downloadable program called Videora iPod Conveter, that can convert most every media video file into an iPod Touch/ iPhone readable mp4.  It's a free program and is one of the clearest and easiest video conversion programs I've encountered.  The program also comes packaged with an optional YouTube Downloader app, which is specifically for downloading and saving YouTube videos.  I highly suggest downloading that as well, for all of your YouTube conversions.
DelbyW1 month ago

Total Video Converter for Mac can batch convert movies for idevice! it is extremely fast and simple!

GytersolM1 month ago

I uesd Total Video Download for Mac to download videos with just one-click and convert these downloaded video files to ipod/iphone with a free video converter called total video converter lite.

Copy the video URL and play the video, you can use this App to download any online video easily and fast!

dombeef4 years ago
Adventure Time!
I hope you know that what you are doing is highly illegal. The converting process is legal, but even just watching those PIRATED shows/movies is illegal. There are very few websites that have legally posted movies/tv shows, and even those don't allow you to legally download the content. One of the few websites that lets you watch the content (and is completely legal) is They make a deal with the film/broadcasting company to show the movie/show for free, and Hulu pays them to. The way Hulu gets money is through ads. With those pirated sites, you may as well just walk into a local video store, and steal a movie. I suggest to anyone reading this instructable to not watch pirated content.
SHIFT! (author)  guitarmonk155 years ago
Meh, as much as I would like to stay here and debate with you the reasons why "illegal piracy" is completely subjective and the laws enforcing said "illegalities" are ill-defined, I'm too lazy so I won't. Besides, my main reason for posting this Instructable was just to show how one could download a video, ANY video, on your iPod or iPhone. But thanks for your comment.
It's actually pretty clear cut - if you didn't pay for it (buy, rent, watch the ads, get from a friend, etc.) then it's illegal (about 99.999999999999999999999% of the time)
junits155 years ago
ahhh vista it burns.....get 7 10Xbetter
SHIFT! (author)  junits155 years ago
Yeah, I really need 7. I'm tired of getting mad at my computer when it's actually just the horrible OS.
junits15 SHIFT!5 years ago
lol, I hear you, I had vista and NOTHING used to work! Now I upgraded to windows 7 pro and my computer is faster than ever and I'm using 50% of the RAM versus 80-90% on vista