Introduction: Download Mp3 or Mp4 From Youtube

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hello today i show you how to import YT vids to mp3/mp4. enjoy.

what i made:

Step 1: Go to Website

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ok so search up something like the thing above. click the ovc link for best mp3s.

Step 2: Type in the Vid Link.

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ok so type in the link of your vid and click the slide-down menu for the format.

Step 3: Load It

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now load it and then click download. boom. also exit out the spam from the on-click ads website and boom there ya go. enjoy.

Jack Garrat - Worry MP3


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-01-15

This is often the fastest way to get an mp3 for something.

yes, it is, although some malicious sites do pop up when you press a button.

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