Have you ever been listening to music on a music blog such as hypem or earmilk and liked a song, but couldn't find a place to download it from? This Instructable will guide you through a very simple way to download music from a blog quickly and easily. The required materials for this are:

- Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9
- Access to you computer cache
- Itunes

I used Windows 7, however this tutorial can be applied to other versions of Windows, I am just not sure which ones. Make sure to USE THE PICTURES, I spent a lot of time making this as easy as possible. Also, the song in this Instructable was just chosen at random and I did not think it was very good when I listened to it. I hope this helps some people.

Step 1: Download and Installing Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9

To Download:
- Download the "Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9 Setup" from this link:

- Click on the link above
- Click on the "Download Now" box as shown in the picture
- Click on the "Save File" button on the dialog box
- Allow your browser to download the small file

To Install:
- Locate the file you have just saved (mine is in my default download folder)
- Run the file by double-clicking on it
- Click "Run" on the dialog box
- Click "Next"
- Click "Next"
- Click "Upgrade" (or it could say "Install", however mine does not because Firefox is already installed)
- Allow it to install
- Click "Finish" and close out of the Firefox when it opens up
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naviscope<br>pretty old though, but you can get direct links to every media, your pc is downloading to view sites.. <br>youtube videos, music files, flash games, etc..
Why are you specifying FF 3.6.9? The most recent security update for the FF 3 series is 3.6.18. Also, both FF4 and FF5 are available.
I only know how to do it on Firefox 3.6.9, it might work on other 3.x Firefoxs, I am not sure. However, I did update to Firefox 4 when it came out and my cache got messed up, it had a bunch of folders and was very confusing. I just found this was the easiest for me.<br>
I think we can use &quot;NirSoft VideoCacheView&quot; for the same and its easy to use try it out :) .
I might try it out, but for now this works for me.

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