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Basically the only tools you need are URL Helper, and Sothink Flash Decompiler. This will allow you to get songs right into mp3 format, and you won't have to use some sound recording software that makes it so you can't do anything else. Plus the bitrate is low, and so the songs are downloaded quickly, this is a perfect tool for Dial Up users.

I will not be held liable for anything. This is for educational purposes only.

Step 1: Find your song.

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First go to napster and find the song you want to download. But do not click play yet.

Gun Fun6 years ago
I get my songs free from www.mp3gle.com it's a lot easier...
Things are easily done, good note for us. How aout using windows sound recorder to download napster songs.
edfel016 years ago
wow i think i might switch from limewire to this. It can work on ipods right?
Cool hack but I think frostwire is esaier
Mosselman7 years ago
Well actually, Limewire isn't free at all. The free version is severely limited and doesn't offer the same connections speed as the payed pro version. Odd as the network it browses isn't built to facilitate such payed and non-payed accounts, instead it is free to all with all the speed you want. Alternatively to limewire you should use frostwire, it is basically the same program, only really free. Google it or something. Have fun downloading music and movies.. hey I can say it because I am from the Netherlands, we ARE allowed to download anything except software legally. :)
afmomarbite7 years ago
If your going to pirate music isnt it easier to go to g2p.org
uberchoob7 years ago
I will not be held liable for anything. This is for educational purposes only.'

The fact that you have to include that probably means that this way isn't entirely legal, so why bother.. download from limewire. Note that I'm not endorsing the illegal downloading of music, I'm just saying call it what it is...
john86753097 years ago
Hey everyone I have created an application called napster-dl you can download it from napster-dl
thatsgreat2345 (author) 8 years ago
http://free.napster.com/ is the new link
thatsgreat2345 (author) 8 years ago
No you can listen to them online bro
trebuchet038 years ago
Please add an introduction image - then republish.