Download Quicktime Movies Without Quicktime PRO


Introduction: Download Quicktime Movies Without Quicktime PRO

as far as i know this only works with Firefox. But it might work with Safari as well.
First go on the website that has the Quicktime video on it.Than click on Tools on the tool bar at the top of the screen, go down and click on the button that says "Page Info". A window with tabs across the top will appear. Click on the tab that says Media, and find the movie. NOTE whenever you do that the video might not come up with its name on the screen, so to find the video, in the scroll box there is a categorie call "type". Find the "embedded" type and click on it. After you do that click "save as" in the same window, now just do whatever you would do if you were downloading anything off the internet, naming and saving the file.

Step 1: Saving the Movie

Click on the Tools button on the top of the page, go down and click on "page info"

Step 2: Get Set Up to Download the Video

A window with tabs will pop up. Click on the Tab marked Media

Step 3: Find the Video and Save It

You look through the page info box until you find the Video you want. After you have found the video you click save as, enter the name you want it saved as, and save it!

There you go i hope you enjoyed my first instructable!

Step 4: Update

If you want to downlaod flash games off, like addicting games or anygaming website. All you have to do is download it like if it was a video like i showed and open it with your internet browser. And the best thing is that, when ever you play it, it will be the full screen.




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    1 year ago

    nice tutorial thx

    For watch and download more movies just visit this :

    superbigfat thank you for this. works like a charm

    Sorry but it does not work with some special quick time videos like the ones in the platform


    What do you mean with '' the site with the video ''. i have an iphone video on my pc, what i want on vegas, so i need quicktime. but i can't save it. so i came here, but what do you mean with '' the site with the video '' ?


    I have downloaded a Quicktime HD movie from YouTube. I want to put it on a CD or DVD so that I can show it on a television. Is this possible?

    Thank you so much! I've been trying to figure out how to do this so I can listen to my bio lectures on the way to class. You are awesome!

    Cool tip.

    Might want to add that if the video is played in a window without the drop-down menus, right click the mouse on an area outside the video and select View Page Info from the context menu that pops up.

    can somebody please explain this to me ? i reeeeeeally don't understand. i'm using safari, and i don't understand any of this. i've been trying to download movies for my ipod for so long, and it's pretty frustrating. if somebody could like walk me through this, i'd love you forever. thanks so much.

    1 reply

    You, my friend, are a God. Have me in dirty ways.

    I have been wanting to to this for SO LONG! Thanks so much! BTW, Safari is great but it doesn't have a tools menu.

    2 replies

    On the Safari toolbar, click Window, then Activity and you can see the .flv etc files being loaded. Just double-click on the file you want to get, and it will download. :)