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Introduction: Download the Web

well, not REALly. but say (for example) you want some music off of myspace and can't download it , heres an easy workaround

Step 1: Choose a Site, Any Site

Find a site where you can't download music, but can listen to.

I'll use J0HNNY's as the example

Step 2: Go To

real simple

1) enter the URL in the bar

2) check off the ToS box

3) check a bubble of your choice. I'll choose Audio to get some music

4) click the get files button

Step 3: Get It

Right Click, save file as, and Voila. theres your music.

Now, wasn't that easy??



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    this is aweesome for unknown bands who aren't bootlegged by limewire

    is there any way to get some thing like this as an app

    I'm trying to download a ".swf" file, when ever I click on it, it just opens the video in a diffrent page. How do I download it?

    You can also download a .swf file by clicking File -> Save As... and choosing Webpage, complete (.htm, .html). Then, in the folder that you saved, there should be the file you were looking for.

    One of the instructions you have to read, is you right click on the link, and choose "Save Target As". That is probably your problem

    haha or just download songbird and click the download button on the site... (

    Ya, but if your on the go, and can't install anything, this is a good alternative

    You could always download Safari for Windows and go to "activity" and copy the link and save the file with the "save as" menu.

    wicked cool dude!!!


    Freaking sweet man thanks a lot I'm always looking for free stuff