Download Your Favorite Online Flash Game for FREE!


Introduction: Download Your Favorite Online Flash Game for FREE!

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This really easy tutorial will show you how to download your favorite online flash game for free! NOTICE: This only works with Mozilla Firefox!



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    I've tried addicting games and mini clip. It doesn't work. I usually play games at They have cool math games there I usually play.

    i know a way easier way than that on firefox go to tools page info media and find the game it should say .swf and embed or object and click save as way easier

    I went to the one called NotDoppler but you can basically use any site, although you can't download them from Miniclip, or nitrome because they have theirs to detect if it is download and not allow you to play your local version.. (but you don't get banned from the site)

    I tried Addicting Games but it won't work

    I dont think its XP because i've got XP and it works fine

    whenever I click on the plummet.swf file, it says it can't find the file! can you help me?

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    Well sometimes this doesn't always work. oh but first remember to take the game file out of the folder before deleting it.

    I was using plummet just like you, and I took it out, but it still says the same thing! Do i need to download anything?

    did you try re downloading it?

    I've redownloaded it 3 times, but it just won't reconize it!

    MMM never had that problem. are you opening it up with a browser? and are you using a mac or PC?

    I'm using windows XP, and I just click the plumet.swf (which is on my desktop, out of the folder, but does the same thing with the file that is in the folder)

    I don't know.. Maybe its XP not sure.. but I have not tried it on XP, I'll do that and if it does the same thing then its XP.... I'll let you know

    Ok, thanks dude!

    ok on my other PC that is running XP PRO then it works fine. I downloaded plumet files and then put the game file on my desktop and then i opened it with firefox and it worked fine... what version of XP do you have? Are you opening it with firefox? does it work with other games besides plumet? and try different sites as well.