Picture of Add youtube videos to your ipod for free!
Basically i am going to teach you how to add youtube video's to your ipod in 4 simple steps.

downloads you will need

Mediastore FLV Player (optional)

Free video to ipod converter (Manditory)

if typing in link do not include[]

Step 1: Download Video

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Go to youtube and go to the movie you want to download go to the address bar and copy that link then go to www.videodownloadx.com which is a free online service which allows you to download youtube videos by pasting that link into the download bar then close the ad that will appear. Then look down below for a loading sign or a picture of the video then click download. I would download it to the desktop.Then the download will start.
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DelbyW3 months ago

I always use total video converter for mac to convert my video files to ipod. This app is very powerful and owns intuitive interface

ArtistM3 months ago

I used Total Video Download for Mac to download videos with just one-click. And convert these videos to ipod/iphone with a free video converter

Copy the video URL and play the video, you can use this App to download any online video easily and fast!

ssu31 year ago
Is not that convenient if there are lots of youtube videos need to download, I would prefer some tool supports batch download such as this freeware.
darthbindy3 years ago
or, you can just go to http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ and put the url in, then download, it and it will turn into mp3, i even downloaded a song from there while on ipod and still works.
Huntman005 years ago
it wont let me go to www.videodownloadx.com  because i have to take sum quiz thing and it costs like 10$
weirdo625 years ago
carrotman426 years ago
or just download with http://file2hd.com/ to get it to mpeg4 no converting needed
you can go to http://www.keepvid.com and download them in .flv and mp4
RA_12346 years ago
Good Stuff thanks
RA_1234 RA_12346 years ago
Do you know how to do the same thing but with some music files from other site you can stream?
sk8erdude (author)  RA_12346 years ago
No problem, In fact thank YOU! -Sk8erdude
so much better than vixy.net Thanks for the instructable
doesnt work for me :(
edfel016 years ago
cool i'll give it a try
RGM La Paz6 years ago
HEy will the coverter put wmm files on my ipod
tyler12017 years ago
I use convertyoutube.com it doesn't need any download but it takes time before each conversion
but it costs
kalika237 years ago
is this illegal?
it is legal because when you agree to youtubes policy you give up your rights to copyright so now the public domain can copy it.
sk8erdude (author)  kalika237 years ago
No, it is perfectly legal i've downloaded many youtube videos. it's safe.
but you could get music videos and add them to your ipod when they are usually $2.00 (on itunes) so wouldnt that be illegal?
sk8erdude (author)  kalika237 years ago
ya it's still legal unless you go to a huge movie theaterand play it (basically it's ok for personal use)
ok thanks =D
it is legal as long as you dont download enything copywrighted if you do its infingement but noone cares anyway
But iTunes is missing a lot of videos, too, so...
jonnadee7 years ago
how come this worked the first time I tried it , but won't work now? I just get a pop-up that tells me my video is unrecognized....
jonnadee7 years ago
Yeah!! It worked!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm an oldster, not a techie, new to all this, and yet I could make this work! You rock!
sk8erdude (author)  jonnadee7 years ago
thx man you rock too
t32man7 years ago
if you go to vixy.net they have a coverter that you can download. it's a one step conversion process and takes about 15 seconds a video. it seems much simpler than this one.
jonnadee t32man7 years ago
I tried that, and it did not work. That's why I'm here.
rachel7 years ago
sk8erdude (author)  rachel7 years ago
what don't you get?
Wow, thanks a load bro. I'm glad this works. I got that 'example' video you did on the thing, too. Nice. Good job
sk8erdude (author)  PunkboysaysBOMBSAWAY7 years ago
thx i'm glad you liked it
umm theres no audio? what went wrong?
sk8erdude (author)  babybackribs7 years ago
do you have your ipod on mute? mabe your headphones died maybe your video doesn't have any what video did you add if not there was probablly an error in the converting maybe you should try again if this doesn't help sorry
its cool i think i figured it out

same thing happens when you have a movie and you convert it to mp4 in iTunes--deletes sound in an effort to make you download video's from them.

i just download The Pretender video by Foo Fighters and it had no audio on my computer, everything was plugged in okay because i played another song wiht Quicktime that i already had and i could hear it...oh well

just go to www.zamzar.com you dont have to download anything _

thank you very much for this instructable this worked except for the audio bit for me
sk8erdude (author)  babybackribs7 years ago
Well I'm glad it worked out for you and thanks for commenting anyway!
This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, good guys bad guys and explosions as far as the eye can see... lol I love Lemon Demon
sk8erdude (author)  TheCheese99217 years ago
I heard there is a sequel coming out for that
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