Picture of Downton Abbey Cut Silhoutte Greetings Card
2014 13:59.jpg
2014 13:59.jpg
To go along with my Butterfly Frame gift (http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Butterfly-Dragonfly-Frame-Cut-Stencil-Art/), I thought I better make a card. My wife likes Downton Abbey, and I like buildings, so I decided to make a card using their building.

You could use this principle for any building.

You can make this as a card for any occasion; valentines, birthday, anything.

It takes more time than money to make!

Date Made: Feb 2014
Approx Cost: £1
Approx Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
2014 12:54.jpg
2014 12:54.jpg
2014 10:58.jpg
2014 10:58.jpg
Materials You Need

* Card or Thick Paper (Ideally A4 and coloured on one side only)
* An Envelope the correct size for your card

Tools You Need

* Computer/Printer
* Sharp Knife/Scissors
* A ruler for getting straight cuts (or a guillotine)

Step 2: Design Your Template

Picture of Design Your Template
image removed.png
You can do this by hand, or you can get a bit more technical.

You could do this in any program such as paintshop etc, it is just that I am familiar with Autocad.

First I googled for an image of the abbey building.

Next I inserted the image as a background into Autocad.

I then effectively traced it with lines!

Afterwards deleting the original image.

I had to simplify the building slightly due to the lack of resolution in the image but also to make it possible to cut out by hand! Picking a simpler building would make the process easier!

I wanted to end up with the cut lines only - this way my design could be used with an electronic cutter, however I left one dotted line as a fold line which would have to be taken in to account if you were going to use one.

(my Autocad file can be found later on if you wish to use/edit it)
notforfooduse made it!2 months ago

I made it with the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol for a friend. Will have to make the Downton one for my sister!

Mr_o_uk (author)  notforfooduse2 months ago
My home town! Quality!
My home town too! What a coincidence!
HollyMann1 year ago


Mr_o_uk (author) 1 year ago
I have just been accepted in the papercraft contest, don't forget to vote for me! Thanks.
Love this! Love downton! Love Thomas Branson!!
Mr_o_uk (author)  FrecklesMagee1 year ago
If you google "downton abbey valentines card" there are plenty of messages you can use for the inside! Including quotes from Thomas Branson (and the others)!
QueenBella1 year ago
Awesome!! ;D
Mr_o_uk (author)  QueenBella1 year ago