To go along with my Butterfly Frame gift (https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Butterfly-Dragonfly-Frame-Cut-Stencil-Art/), I thought I better make a card. My wife likes Downton Abbey, and I like buildings, so I decided to make a card using their building.

You could use this principle for any building.

You can make this as a card for any occasion; valentines, birthday, anything.

It takes more time than money to make!

Date Made: Feb 2014
Approx Cost: £1
Approx Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Step 1: What You Need

Materials You Need

* Card or Thick Paper (Ideally A4 and coloured on one side only)
* An Envelope the correct size for your card

Tools You Need

* Computer/Printer
* Sharp Knife/Scissors
* A ruler for getting straight cuts (or a guillotine)

<p>I made it with the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol for a friend. Will have to make the Downton one for my sister!</p>
My home town! Quality!
My home town too! What a coincidence!
I have just been accepted in the papercraft contest, don't forget to vote for me! Thanks.
Love this! Love downton! Love Thomas Branson!!
If you google &quot;downton abbey valentines card&quot; there are plenty of messages you can use for the inside! Including quotes from Thomas Branson (and the others)!
Awesome!! ;D

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