I'm sorry it took me so gosh darn long to post this up! The only time I can actually do make up tutorials and take photos are in the middle of the night when my almost 6 month old is fast asleep(I had to keep redoing this because my son would start crying in the middle of a make up session...). It took me 5 different make up photo sessions to finally be able to go through it all and finish a look. I promise my Voldemort look will be up soon!

****I'm sorry about the stupid lighting that keeps changing in the photographs... I hate auto adjusting webcameras... hahaha****
ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! The look I did is Dr. Frank-N-Furter's look, the mad evil scientist that Tim Curry plays in the film. If you have never seen the film I'm going to warn you, Tim Curry will never be the same.

This look was a fairly easy look to replicate but it might take you a few tries to actually get used to contouring your face. Hopefully my Instructable helps you achieve this look!

Liquid foundation: Preferably the lightest or at least 2,3 shades lighter than your actual skin
Powder foundation: Preferably the lightest or at least 2,3 shades lighter than your actual skin
Eye shadows: Matted types - black, brown and purple. Satin types - gray, gray/blue, black, white(or a super light gold)
Liquid eye liners: Black *******(You can use a pencil but I personally prefer liquid)
Nontoxic kids glue stick
A couple of clean make up brushes
Hair curler
Hair brush
Hair spray
Bobby pins

Tons of patience

***** The italic ones are not needed if you use a wig.


Step 1: Prepare Your Face for the Make Over!

Make sure you have a clean face to work with. Seriously. It's not sanitary. It's gross and it will lead to bacteria growing in your make up and cause pink eye, pimples and not-looking-as-good-as-you-would-if-you-would-have-taken-the-time-to-wash-your-face. I know a lot of people who think it's ok to cake on make up when they still have yesterday's make up melting off their face. Not cute at all.

Back to Rocky Horror, take the handy dandy nontoxic kids glue stick and glue your eyebrows and make sure all the hairs are all nicely going the same direction.

Wait for it to dry. While you are waiting go ahead and practice the Time Warp. I mean it. SING IT TOO!

"It's a just a jump to the left and then a step to the right.
Put your hands on your hips and put your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane.

By the time you finish that little dance your eyebrows will be dry!

Take your liquid foundation and blend it in with your skin. DON'T FORGET YOUR NECK TOO!

Next, use your powder foundation and brush to matte your face and neck. This will prevent your make up from melting off your face.
I looks great!
How 'bout that...?<br><br>Babies, there's no need to panic, especially if you follow this tutorial!
Great tutorial! Looking forward to Voldemort too :D
Awesome! The outcome is perfect!

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