Introduction: Dr. Horrible Goggles

Picture of Dr. Horrible Goggles

Make yourself some shiny, new Dr. Horrible goggles!
Even better than Australia!

Step 1: What You'll Need

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You will need the following:

-Lab Goggles

-2 Round-Potrusion-Things ~ I found I couple of round containers at an army surplus store. I have no idea what their intended purpose was, but I drilled them up so that they had eye-holes. You could also use the bottoms of two mini yogurt containers. Just cut them down to size and drill in some eye-holes.

-Round Sunglasses - All we really need are the lenses, so they don't have to be fancy.

-Gluegun and appropriate ammunition

-Black and silvery/metallic paint


Step 2: Lenses

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Take the round glasses and pop the lenses out.

Step 3: What You See Through

Picture of What You See Through

Take the round lenses and glue them into the containers with the eye-holes.

Step 4: Basic Structure

Picture of Basic Structure

Glue the containers with eyeholes onto the lab goggles. It should line up so that when you look through the goggles the world looks like you're seeing it through sunglasses.

Step 5: Black Paint

Picture of Black Paint

Paint the following areas black:
- the round protruding rims of the goggles
- the upper nose-bridge area of goggles
- the white knobs on the sides of the goggles

Step 6: Silver Paint

Picture of Silver Paint

Paint all of the unpainted portions of the goggles with a silvery metallic color. I used silver paint with a little bit of gold paint.

Step 7: YES!

Picture of YES!

Now the nightmare's real.
Now Dr. Horrible is here
To make us quake with fear.
To make the whole world kneel.


RavingMadStudios (author)2009-11-12

This is a nice reproduction, but you could have saved yourself a ton of work by starting with cheap welding goggles. There are quite a few models out there that require very minmal modification other than a paint job (they're usually green instead of silver). Nevertheless, very well done.

Yes this is what I was looking for. I want an instructable of how to paint the goggles I already have. There are so many different kinds of paints, and the plastic fusion doesn't come in metallic colors.

cclark14 (author)teddyclopse2012-06-04

While I know this comment may be a bit late to be of use to you, it may be helpful to someone else. What you can do once you have the right goggles (whether you bought cheap welding goggles or used the above method to make similar looking ones) mask off the part you don't want painted with tape (if any), and spray paint black or white with a spray paint (spray primer would be even better if you can get it) that will adhere and not flake off of the goggles and will fully dry (stores like Orchard's or Home Depot should be able to tell you what would work for that material). Once dry (it should not be tacky at all), you should be able to paint the goggles with regular acrylic paints to your liking. Just double check that the spray paint/primer you are using can be painted on before you buy it. No need to waste money on something when you can just ask if it'll work for what you need. :)

goldensurprise (author)cclark142012-06-10

That's a great idea, thank you. ^_^

cclark14 (author)goldensurprise2012-06-11

You're welcome. I made my own a while back and learned how difficult it was to paint the plastic material that they're made of. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to let everything dry. I would suggest planning a few weeks ahead just in case it takes longer to dry than you'd hoped. I spray painted some black rain boots white for this costume and they took way longer to dry than I thought they would. I ended having to wear slightly tacky boots.

sammy_kammy (author)2009-12-18
oh c'mon guys, where would the fun in that be? :D
besides, even cheap welding goggles are more expensive than cheap-o plastic goggles and yogurt containers...

Got my glasses for 10 bucks. Cheap enough?

phalm (author)billyberserker2011-07-10

Heck, I got mine for TWO. And they look to be the exact ones used in the production, just painted silver.

Appollo64 (author)2010-06-28

I've just gotten into steampunk. What are some good books and movies?

bandoflyrics (author)Appollo642011-06-06

watch the music video for the ballad of mona lisa by panic! at the disco
seriously steampunk

midwife (author)2010-11-21

this is awesome im making them as soon as i can

Combine Clite (author)2010-06-06

You look like Barney in How I met Your Mother!

Neal Patrick Harris.

RC-Roi92 (author)Combine Clite2010-06-07


hpfreak21 (author)2010-03-12

 These are quite impressive. I don't care that welding goggles could possibly be cheaper, this is a great idea! and totally creative! Well done!

Oroka (author)2009-07-16

Dr. Horrible is a blatant rip-off of Dr Steel. Dr Steel's glasses are so much cooler anyways.

mousewrites (author)Oroka2009-07-16

Well, if you think "MAd Scientest" was created by Dr. Steel, I guess you could think that.

In that case, Dr. Steel is a rip off of the dad on Power Puff Girls.

I adore Dr. Steel, but Dr. Horrible is not only an awesome musical, he's got a totally different feel than Steel. For one thing, he's less competent, and not truly evil, at least not at first. There is room enough for both.

(And yes, I'm a Toy Solder Scout. I think there's room for both.)

To the author: Nice ible!

Oroka (author)mousewrites2009-07-16

Oh come on, 'Dr Steel: Read Along Album' then comes 'Dr Horrible: Sing Along Blog'... mad scientist with a long white trench coat and dark goggles x2, or how about simular promo posters? The only thing Harris didn't steal was Dr Steel's steampunk style. (No, Dr Steel did not 'invent' mad scientists, lab coats, or steampunk)

Cez (author)Oroka2010-03-07

That's awesome, you blame the NPH for a movie written, directed and produced by Joss Whedon. You really think Harris had much to do with the character and costume?

mousewrites (author)Oroka2009-07-16

The look is not new. The promo posters both fit the trope of Mad Scientist. In fact, both of them fit the trope of Mad Scientist pretty hard. What about the plot of, I don't know, the musical? The songs? Mad Horse? I'm not saying that there aren't similarities between the two characters, but I think you're going out on a pretty thin limb to say that "Dr. Horrible is stolen from Dr. Steel." When I was 20 I had a Mad Scientist steampunk character that created an army of evil toys. This was 11 years ago... I didn't lift that from Steel either. Things come from similar pools of ideas. The strongest piece of evidence for theft is the NAME of the two projects. :) I like both of them, and don't think that Dr. Horrible deserves the onus of plagiary.

Wasagi (author)2009-12-10

"Go away! I'm doing science!"

mikaelthemycologist (author)2009-12-01

I love that Movie!!!!

gateon (author)2009-11-15

I wish I would have thought of doing this for Halloween earlier....

_macgyver_ (author)2009-11-14

you can go and by a pair of gass welding googels

Yerboogieman (author)2009-11-04

Looks like Neil Patrick Harris. Doogie Howser.

Ward_Nox (author)Yerboogieman2009-11-08

...just checking that was a joke right

Yerboogieman (author)Ward_Nox2009-11-09

No, that really looks like Doogie Howser.

Thats because it is ;)

Yes, that would usually be why it looks like him.

squawker (author)2009-08-22

Now it's Doctor Horribles turn! This cities going to BURN! BURN! That's Horrible with two R's. h-o-r-r, BURN! BURN!

TyMan210 (author)squawker2009-10-17

 You mean:
It's Dr. Horrible's turn!
You people all have to learn,
this world is going to burn! Burn! 
Yeah, it's two R's. H-o-r-r, alright.

squawker (author)TyMan2102009-10-18




TyMan210 (author)squawker2009-10-18

 Yes I does matter.

squawker (author)TyMan2102009-10-27

So I don't confict with any 'be nice' policies accidentaly I'm going to stop replying.

Dr. Steel (author)2009-08-09

It would be easier to get fliptop welding goggles in the right style, disassemble them, and paint. Very simple. Look closely at his goggles and see that they are only standard flip top welding goggles.

unearthlychild (author)Dr. Steel2009-10-11

That's very true, and I'm well aware of this. But buying the real thing is more expensive. I'd rather put in a bit of work and save money, because nearly nobody around here has heard of him in the first place, and I don't think anyone will notice the difference.

Dr. Steel (author)unearthlychild2009-10-16

Actually, I bought two pairs of goggles for five dollars at a local hardware store, and one of them looked like Dr. Horrible's.

st.paul (author)Dr. Steel2009-08-21

that's what is was about to say, also doctor steel is awesome- i mean the musician because i assume you're not the actual doctor.

Dr. Steel (author)st.paul2009-08-21

Yeah, I'm not. He would love this site though.

pyrorower (author)2009-10-13

I think this looks pretty sweet. Though I am debating whether to cover the part that is supposed to be silver with leather to make them more steampunk-ish or leave them silvery for the mad scientist look. Gah, so hard >_<

TyMan210 (author)2009-09-28

And you won't feel a thing?

GhettoStuff (author)2009-09-15

lol i just bought some welding goggles from Harbor Freight just like the Dr.Horrible goggles! great DIY

Ward_Nox (author)2009-07-16

now you just need the coat

goldensurprise (author)Ward_Nox2009-07-16

Actually I did find one. I went to an army surplus store with some pictures of Dr. Horrible and I was able to find an old-fashioned medic coat that was exactly what I was looking for - it even had the proper style of insignia!

Ward_Nox (author)goldensurprise2009-07-16

think you could use as ref to figure out an ible to make one? cause then you could make a red version like he wears at the end

goldensurprise (author)Ward_Nox2009-07-16

Dye would also be an option.

Ward_Nox (author)goldensurprise2009-07-16

well I found a blog of soemone who built a Dr Horible costume in 24 hours and she said that sewing pattern Simplicity 5386 (aka Morpheus/Neo's jackets) could be modified to be a Dr Horrible jacket

Browncoat (author)2009-07-16

Dr Horrible love! <3

mikeasaurus (author)2009-07-16

omg your glue gun is pink?!

that's pretty awesome

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