Step 2: Earbud Deconstruction!

 So, take one of the earbuds, and crush/SAMSH the tip, if you are using the type that goes into your ear canal, otherwise, you can take the faeplate piece off. What you want is to at least partially expose the workings. Then, pull the samshed tip off, and you'll have what looks like the second picture. Then, separate the workigns from the backing of the bud. Either it'll come right off, or you'll have to cut it with a knife, but it really isn't that hard to do, see picture #3, then, just rip the two sections apart, the wire is soo fragile, there's a strong chance that this'll happen before this stage. Then, using the pliers, begin to peel off the plastic covering the metal parts, this is pretty easy to do, as the greatest quality plastic isn't used here... (Picture 4). Then, once all the plastic is gone, remove the copper that surrounds the magnet. It should be pretty obvious, as it's the only copper colored part in the metal sections, but if you need more help, check out picture #5. So, now there should be a small gap in between the magnet in the center and the housing. I separated them by sticking the mini saw, you could probably use a knife, pliers won't fit, and prying the magnet off the center where it's glued down. The you can pry it up an pull it out.

Good job, you just got yourself one strong little magnet, out of something you were going to throw away!
<p>Damn...that is cool, wish i have my own plastic dinosaur</p>
i love how the ultra strong magnets are right on top of your sensitive computer :P
Dr. Strangelove.<br />
Haha, yep. what a great movie.
Yeah, once I&nbsp;get a set of headphones that fits my little music player (not exactly an iPod), I&nbsp;will be disassembling MY&nbsp;ear buds.....I&nbsp;hate them, they hurt my ears and I can't hear out of them no matter how I position them....
&nbsp;When you need to cut holes in things like in this project, I strongly&nbsp;recommend&nbsp;a dremel. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Using a knife (which is what I used to do), is time consuming and hard to accomplish, and can sometimes lead to unwanted gashes in your thumbs. &nbsp;A dremel can take such a task and reduce it to seconds.<br />
&nbsp;True, the only problem being that I'm much too cheap to get one, but I will ammend that in there, and begin to look at them. Thanks!
&nbsp;Great instructable! I especially like your clever use of annotations.

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