Dr Pepper Fudge Pie

Picture of Dr Pepper Fudge Pie
This is a dense, smooth, super chocolaty fudge pie, with a hint of Dr Pepper (even people that hate the soda love this pie). The flavor can be amped up by reducing Dr Pepper before measuring it. 
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
4 c. Sugar
1 1/3 c. Dr Pepper
4 squares (1 oz each) Unsweetened Chocolate, chopped
4 Tbsp white corn syrup
1 c. Butter
2 tsp Vanilla extract
1 unbaked pie crust

Step 2: Bake the Pie Crust

Picture of Bake the Pie Crust
Follow the directions on the package. You can use pie weights if you want to - I just poke holes in mine and hope for the best. Once the crust is baked, set it aside to cool. 

Step 3: Starting the Filling

Picture of Starting the Filling
Pie 4.png
Pie 5.png
-Chop the chocolate. It doesn't have to be pretty or even, it's all going to be melted anyway.
-In a heavy pot, mix the sugar, Dr Pepper, chocolate, and corn syrup. This will bubble up quite a bit when cooked, make sure your pot can hold it. 
-Cut the butter up, and add the vanilla to the butter. Set this aside for now.

Step 4: Finishing the Pie

Picture of Finishing the Pie
- Cook over Medium-Low heat. Stir constantly. 
- Continue to cook until mixture reaches the Soft Ball stage (about 236°F) 

- After temperature has been reached, remove pot from heat and allow to stand at room temperature until it has cooled to about 110°F. 
- Once cooled, add butter and vanilla. Beat the mixture until it begins to slightly lighten in color and looses it's shine. 
- Pour mixture into pie crust, and let cool until set. 
RoseBud200328 days ago

I love anything with Dr.Pepper in it!

Jjjacki111 year ago
Going to make this today! :D I've been wondering though, is that the chopped up chocolate that looks all silver in the photo? Or did I miss something? :/
liquid_fire243 (author)  Jjjacki111 year ago
In the pot? Yes, it's the chocolate :-)
I guess it looks silver because it's powdery from being chopped, and from the reflection of the pot :-)
Oooh, crazy recipe! Sounds great :)