Dr. Richtofen's Magpul PDR Mod





Introduction: Dr. Richtofen's Magpul PDR Mod

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Hi and welcome to my new instructable (slideshow.) yesterday I built Dr.'s PDR and decided that I wanted to make it shoot. It came out pretty well, nothing special though.

Lets get to some pros and cons shall we?

- Very comfy
- Nice and compact
- Non piece consuming
- Fires pretty well (not measured)

-  Uses at least one broken piece for the mech.
- Front grip is a little wobbly
- inconsistent range
- the bullets are smaller than the mag, this sometimes causes problems

If you want me to post it please tell me.

I give credit to:
- Dr. Richtofen -> his gun
- TheDunkis -> his front grip
- Seleziona -> his trigger mech.

Thats all, and remember to comment.
(Rating is up to you.)



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    Maybe I don't knwo for sure. But maybe if you build Dr. richtofen's first I might be able to tell you what's inside.

    i did build it how bout some internal shot

    I'll send some tonight.

    Nice, i could not get MY version's firing pin to reach to the trigger.... you sir, did what I could not.... bravo sir, bravo.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much

    Do you have pics of it?

    Well currently it's broken up. I've moved on to a new project. After that´s done I might rebuild it and make it better.

    Thanks I thought the same thing, and I'll definately try that tomorrow.

    Ziet er goed uit! Ik had nooit aan dat trekker mechanisme gedacht toen ik hem maakte. Hoe zit de binnenkant van het magazijn eruit? (ik kan nooit een goed binnenkant vinden voor deze grootte in een schietend geweer) 4.5*

    2 replies

    Ik zal er moren wel wat foto's van maken

    Cool! I'm also gonna make one.