I've done quite a few clock related instructables lately and I find that when I'm working on one clock I get an idea for another one (at this rate I'll have a home full of clocks).  So the latest idea I had was to make a back lit desk clock.  The idea was incubating for a while and I guess while watching an episode of Dr. Who I decided to that I wanted to use Gallifreyan text (because it looks so cool).  I needed a container of sorts to hold the clock and came across a small treasure box at the dollar store.  I put the clock face in the lid and and put some random bits of junk in the base (much like what you would find in the Tardis console). 

Just so we are clear this is not meant to be a replica of anything on the show itself.

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • Small clock (I found mine at a dollar store)
  • Box or container to hold you clock (I found a little treasure chest at a dollar store)
  • Transparency sheets colour printer
  • Clockpanel.pdf file
  • White LED Christmas lights -preferably battery powered
  • Shiny paper or foil
  • Drinking straw, clear vinyl tube and jewelry headpin (the straw must be able to fit into the vinyl tube -you could use a larger straw instead of the vinyl tube)
  • Cardboard
  • Random assortment of bits and do-dads to place on the bottom control panel
  • colour printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I use Super glue and Removable Glue Dots)
  • Needle nose pliers
My fez off to you, Sir! Very nice and well exceuted idea. :)
You inspired my daughter to make her own & I have an old 1940's radio that is just gathering dust that will be perfect. Thank you.
It looks like a magic suitcase or something. Maybe a tech sci-fi! Cool!
I guess you could call this... *puts on shades* <br>Clocktor Who.
Good one!
Now make one that looks like a timey whimey thing
I tried that. It was all wibbly-wobbly and ended up being ball-shaped. :)
wow this is great!
it o.k u deserve it=)
congratulations thats the fanciest backlit clock i've ever seen keep up the good work :) <br>

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