Step 6: Lid and Clock

I lined the inside of the lid with shiny foil to help disperse the light. Attach the clock to the back of the lid, I used removable glue dots so that I can take the clock off to change the battery, adjust the time etc.  Make sure that the clock is properly centred with the clock panel.

My fez off to you, Sir! Very nice and well exceuted idea. :)
You inspired my daughter to make her own & I have an old 1940's radio that is just gathering dust that will be perfect. Thank you.
It looks like a magic suitcase or something. Maybe a tech sci-fi! Cool!
I guess you could call this... *puts on shades* <br>Clocktor Who.
Good one!
Now make one that looks like a timey whimey thing
I tried that. It was all wibbly-wobbly and ended up being ball-shaped. :)
wow this is great!
it o.k u deserve it=)
congratulations thats the fanciest backlit clock i've ever seen keep up the good work :) <br>

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