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Introduction: Dr Who Inspired Gift Combo

About: Hi, I'm a mother of four (and yes there is a set of twins in there) and grandmother to two. I enjoy making dollhouse miniatures. I think I like that hobby because it is a bit of everything, one day you are a...

My daughter is a huge Dr Who fan, so deciding on a theme for her latest birthday present was quite easy. As she already has an extensive book and DVD collection, we decided on something a little different. Something hand made. She already has a Tom Baker scarf and a knitted Dalek, so we decided on a jumper with a Tardis on the front and a Dalek on the back. And just for fun, we included a knitted plush Tardis.
The pattern for the Tardis came from here and this was also used for the picture on the jumper. If you would like to know how to make your own intarsia patterns, check out my instructable on doing just that.



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    You get 5 stars for using "dollhouse" and "plumbing" in the same sentence like it's an everyday occurance. No, you really didn't say it but I know you were thinking it. ;-O)

    I like the color blue, too.

    Good job!

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    lol, when you are into miniatures, dollhouse plumbing is an everyday thing.

    Thank you, the daughter loves her Tardis too.. I think she likes it more than the jumper lol