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This will show you how to make a poster than changes as you walk past it!

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Step 1: The 'William Hartnell' step

Picture of The 'William Hartnell' step
In the beginning, take a trip to 100,000 years BC and visit:

and select the two images you want to use, and click 'Show Lenticular Image'.

You should then print this page in the largest format you can.

Step 2: The 'Patrick Troughton' step

Picture of The 'Patrick Troughton' step
Cut the main image from the page, but leave two ice (warrior) white tabs on either side. These tabs should be the same size, but it is not vital.

Step 3: The 'Jon Pertwee' step

Picture of The 'Jon Pertwee' step
Score lightly along the dividing lines between each strip. I used the edge of a jewelers screwdriver, but an axos claw is also ideal ;)

Step 4: The 'Tom Baker' step

Picture of The 'Tom Baker' step
Fold along each score line in alternating directions. Create a valley fold between the first edge and the tab, followed by a mountain fold, and so on. 

It will ultimately become as crinkled as Meglos!

Step 5: The 'Peter Davidson' step

Picture of The 'Peter Davidson' step
Fold the whole thing into a concertina, so it looks kinda like the picture below. I do it by gripping the paper tightly together, as I fold. Be as accurate as you can. You'll see on the image below that there's a slight issue on the left.

Step 6: The 'Colin Baker' step

Picture of The 'Colin Baker' step
Cut a piece of card the same height as the paper, and about 2/3 of its original width. This width will vary the angle of each image slice, and consequently the viewing angle necessary to see the image.

Place twin strips of double-sided tape along the top and bottom edge of the card.

Then run glue along the left and right hand sides, about the same width as the white tabs on your paper.

Step 7: The 'Sylvester McCoy' step

Picture of The 'Sylvester McCoy' step
Align the paper carefully onto the card, and place something (like a box of licorice alsorts) on top for a few minutes, to ensure the creases in the paper stick to the tape underneath.

Step 8: The 'Paul McGann' step

Picture of The 'Paul McGann' step
You're ready! (And about time!) Stick it to the wall, with blu-tac for example, keeping about a 50cm free either side, so passers-by can get a good look at it from each angle.

Step 9: The 'Christopher Ecclestone' step

Picture of The 'Christopher Ecclestone' step
Look at it from one angle...

That's excellent! I've never seen that website - thanks for sharing. :D

(also love the naming of the steps!)
SteevAtBlueDust (author) 1 year ago
Another thought : How about using two images of the weeping angels?

As you pass, and blink, it looks like they're coming to get you :)
Kiteman1 year ago
So, you start by printing the image from a website?
SteevAtBlueDust (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Yes. It's up to you which two source images you use, though.
Very cool! I always love these images :)