This will show you how to make a poster than changes as you walk past it!

Step 1: The 'William Hartnell' step

Picture of The 'William Hartnell' step
In the beginning, take a trip to 100,000 years BC and visit:


and select the two images you want to use, and click 'Show Lenticular Image'.

You should then print this page in the largest format you can.

That's excellent! I've never seen that website - thanks for sharing. :D

(also love the naming of the steps!)
SteevAtBlueDust (author) 1 year ago
Another thought : How about using two images of the weeping angels?

As you pass, and blink, it looks like they're coming to get you :)
Kiteman1 year ago
So, you start by printing the image from a website?
SteevAtBlueDust (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Yes. It's up to you which two source images you use, though.
Very cool! I always love these images :)