Picture of Dr Zoidberg
Need a Halloween costume maybe?
Why not Zoidberg?

What You’ll Need :
Aran weight yarn, approx. 220m - I used “With Wool Aran, James C. Brett”
Gauge: 17st x 26r =10cm in stocking stitch. This is a reasonably chunky aran. If you need to add or subtract stitches to compensate for gauge, you can do so in 4s for the ribbed section
5mm double-point needles
5mm circular needle (optional)
Stitch holder (or yarn scrap)
Darning/Large-eye needle
Toy stuffing or scrap yarn
Measuring tape or ruler

Step 1: The Balaclava

Picture of The Balaclava

CO 84st, join in the round (being careful not to twist), place stitch marker at beginning of round and knit 4 rounds in garter stitch.
Round 5: *k2, p2* repeat around
Continue in 2x2 rib until piece measures 12cm from CO edge

Next round: *k5, k2tog* repeat around (72st)
Continue in stocking stitch for 12cm

Next row: BO 2 stitches. Knit 10, bind off 2 stitches, knit to end. Slip the 10 isolated stitches onto a stitch holder (or yarn scrap)
Working straight on the remaining 58 stitches -
Row 1: Purl row (and all even rows)
Row 2 & 4: k1, k2togtbl, k to last 3 st, k2tog, k1
Row 6 & 8: k1, m1, k to last last stitch, m1, k1

Slip the 10st from you holder onto a needle and work rows 1-8 as above

Returning to the 58 st, knit a row, place stitch marker, CO 2st, knit across the 10st, CO 2st and continue knitting in the round.
Work another 8cm in stocking stitch (approx 36cm from CO edge).

If you’re working on a circular needle, move to DPs (18st on 4 needles = 72st)

Decrease round: *k2tog, k to last 2st on needle, k2tog* repeat on each needle
(this assumes you are using 5DPs, if you have only 4 then it will be k2tog, k14, k2tog)
Next round: knit
Repeat these two rounds until you have 32st left (8 per needle)
Next, repeat decrease round until you have 8st (2 per needle). Cut your yarn and, with the darning needle, thread it through the stitches, pull tight and secure.
This is way awesome!
lol @ the third pic (in step two, The Wub Wub) looking like deadpool with the colors and darkness around the eyes. I just noticed that.
Nice mask. I am making one of my own, not knit but a regular mask. If you wish I can post a link to it once I'm done the instructable so everyone can have a zoidberg mask.
kathara (author)  damientonaka2 years ago
Absolutely, Zoidberg masks for all!
camupod3 years ago
Any chance of getting the claw pattern before halloween? :)
kathara (author)  camupod3 years ago
Not a chance! but I can give you the cliff notes...
Find a basic mitten pattern
When you reach the decreases for the fingers only decrease on the little finger side of the hand.
Mittens are finished
The next bit is crochet...
Starting at the join between thumb and hand, running up the index finger and back down again, leaving a couple of rows between the lines of crochet.
Crochet a wave
sc, hdc, 3dcs, hdc, sc, slip stitch repeat

I hope that makes some sense, good luck
Ginoman3 years ago
How do you make the eye holes?
kathara (author)  Ginoman3 years ago
It's all there in the patter. They're worked by binding off a couple of stitches, working a few decreases, then increases and finally casting on a couple of stitches. If you're not sure of the abbreviations you can find them easily by googling knitting abbreviations
Ginoman kathara3 years ago
Thank you. I'll work on it.
Nelyan3 years ago
I wonder if I could use this outside on winter. It gets really cold in winter here (worst was like -30 degrees Celsius = -22 degrees Fahrenheit), and I have a strong feel I'd attract unwanted attention from the police running around in a black balaclava. :D
kathara (author)  Nelyan3 years ago
The major downside to the Zoidberg costume is how warm it gets so I think it would be perfect as an 'out and about' balaclava. you will of course get A LOT of attention :)
flurng3 years ago
pcgirl3 years ago
Want!! shame I can't knit. :'(
kathara (author)  pcgirl3 years ago
Then you'll have to design a non-knit Zoidberg and post it here so everyone can have their own Zoidberg! (or find out if your mammy can knit)
pcgirl kathara3 years ago
Lol. challenge accepted. might take me while though. :)
kathara (author)  pcgirl3 years ago
Or I guess you could learn how to knit. It's not much of a mystery, youtube can teach you how these days :D I've even taught a friend to knit over the phone!
earlye3 years ago
That's great! Of course, you'll have to walk sideways all night...
pcgirl earlye3 years ago
Ba ha ha ha ha! :D That would kill the legs - especially with the crouching.
kathara (author)  pcgirl3 years ago
Ideal for fencers, belly dancers and horse riders, they've got the muscles for squatting all night long. Otherwise, it would be a bit of challenge :)
Zoidberg is the best character on futurama and your costume is the best costume on the planet
kathara (author)  Notquitepinoy3 years ago
*blush* Thanks :)
Brilliant! absolutely brilliant!
likls3 years ago
this is so great! os there a pattern like it to use with bulky yarn?
kathara (author)  likls3 years ago
The aran I used in the pattern is quite bulky so it shouldn't be too hard to alter it for bulky. As I mentioned in the gauge, if you want to change the numbers just subtract in 4s for the ribbing. If you'd like to contact me with the gauge you have I might be able to help you adjust the pattern
avanderveen3 years ago
Hilarious! Wonderful job on the Zoidberg mask & gloves. Just need to add some scrubs. :o)
kathara (author)  avanderveen3 years ago
Best I could do on short notice before I gave it away as a birthday present was a white shirt, disappointing, I know
robot7973 years ago
wooop wooop wooop wooooo
Congrats on your costume/instructable. I did this too a few years ago and to my infinite regret was unable to find my notes afterward to write up the pattern. Here's the link to my project on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/kewpiedoll99/zoidberg-part-2 (I have the claw-gloves listed separately, but yours are better than mine were anyway - love the ridges!)

To make the eyes, in case it is useful, I used lenses from a cheap pair of sunglasses, put a piece of masking tape in the middle of each, and spray-painted them white. Then I peeled off the masking tape once the paint was dry, and had eyes that I could still see through. I used fabric glue to attach them on the front of the mask over my eye holes.

I'm a huge Zoidberg fan. Thank you for doing this!
taugustine3 years ago
Need a halloween costume on the cheap?
Why not Zoidberg??!

(V)(;,,;)(V) Woop woop woop woop
Lindie3 years ago
Great job!
meureu3 years ago
Love it ^^