Introduction: Dr. Who Inspired Watch

Picture of Dr. Who Inspired Watch

this is just an idea that ive been thinking about in the deep recesses of my brain that iv'e always wanted to make, the design on the outside of the band was inspired from the images displayed on the tardis main computer.
hope you will enjoy it!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

to make this beautiful watch you will need the following
1. leather-(your choice be careful with the thickness)
2. snaps
3.rivet tool 
5.small snap anvil
7.a donor watch 
8.soldering iron
10. drill bit (sized for the snaps)

Step 2: Cutting the Leather

Picture of Cutting the Leather

so for this step you must cut the leather to the apropriate size,
i ususally use 10 by 2 inches for the dimensions of my wristbands

Step 3: Make the Corners

Picture of Make the Corners

ok this is fairly simple, use something round as a guide to cut the corners out so their nice and round 

Step 4: Put in Your Snaps

Picture of Put in Your Snaps

now measure were you want the snaps so it will fit snugly around your wrist and measure a 1/2 inch in from the sides and place a mark their and drill a hole 

Step 5: Put in Your Snaps-continued

Picture of Put in Your Snaps-continued

now that you have 4 holes, place the corisponding snap component  in each hole and rivet them in place connecting the two pieces of the snap together.

Step 6: Mount the Donor Watch

Picture of Mount the Donor Watch

ok so make two loops around were the wristband used to connect to the watch with the leather and connect the ends together with snaps like so

Step 7: Connecting the Watch to the Wristband

Picture of Connecting the Watch to the Wristband

now put the wristband on and place the watch where you desire it to be attached then mark where the snaps are and place two additional snaps in then we're ready for the fun part

Step 8: Burn the Design

Picture of Burn the Design

so now you can draw your pattern onto the leather with a pencil and use your soldering iron to burn in your design 

Step 9: Finished

Picture of Finished

now snap on the watch (glue them on if you want) and there you have it, one spiffy new watch


sjdaskldd (author)2016-10-31

very nice.DR WHO?

monkeydavis-1 (author)2013-01-22

so, im kinda having a hard time seeing exactly what you did for the snaps on the loops holding the watch face on... did you just fold it over and rivet it together?

Landreg (author)2011-09-07

ok, so i really want to make this, but i have a stupid question........ where in the world can i get the watch face??? im looking everywhere and the are all boreing looking face's and its killing me! lol, any ideas?

kyle brinkerhoff (author)Landreg2011-10-07


KentsOkay (author)2010-10-27

Cool dude! I would highly recommend applying a finish of Neatsfoot Oil, or some other sealant, raw leather will stain and not look so hot after extended wear.

dragonfly_blue (author)2010-10-19

Oops, sorry. Cross-posted from the #minecraftforums tag team match.

sunshiine (author)2010-10-09

Nice watch and band! The design is very pretty!


Doctor Who (author)2010-10-09

I approve.


ChrysN (author)2010-09-17

I really love the design.

kyle brinkerhoff (author)ChrysN2010-10-13

thanks! :]

Wasagi (author)2010-09-19


kyle brinkerhoff (author)Wasagi2010-10-13

thanks! :]

kyle brinkerhoff (author)2010-10-13

hi everyone! if you like this please vote for it in the soft circuits contest:] thanks everyone, the instructables community is AWSOME!!!!!

rredmon (author)2010-09-29

I do a fair share of amature leather work and have picked up quite a few handy tools from hobby lobby...if you don't have one near where you live, I suggest
A leather punch is a sight faster than a drill...good job with your improvisation though.

kyle brinkerhoff (author)rredmon2010-10-03

ah, the only place near me is beck leather, or at least that i know of, but yea the guy their tried to sell me this whole rig for leather working but i figured if a drill bit can go through steel it could go through leather.... but yea i actually found out about the affect the soldering iron had on leather by shear accident

rredmon (author)kyle brinkerhoff2010-10-03

True, a drill will make a hole...but if you were wanting holes in the leather that were there for looks, I should think a drill would make a rather ragged hole.

And also, I use mink oil on a lot of my leather things that I make. You can pick it up anywhere they sell shoe polish...just put some on a cloth or applicator, I actually just use my fingers...and massage it into the seals it against moisture and give the leather a delightful finished look.

kyle brinkerhoff (author)rredmon2010-10-04

mink oil eh.... ill see if i can fish up somethin to that degree

rredmon (author)2010-09-29

Btw...I love Doctor Who...great job on the watch band.

DIYDragon (author)2010-09-28

I don't like Doctor Who.. but I'd wear that watch anyway. It's pretty awesome. :D

DrNeverland (author)2010-09-20

Cool watch, very neat concept to try. By the way, if you want to make more leather products, there are leather punches with various sizes on them that are good for edges. There are also leather punch sets for when you're not working near the edge of leather. Just a thought ;) You don't want to tangle leather around your drill.

true, however ive found that when you use a brand new bit to drill the hole its pretty hard to beat in quality, also the thing is ive already got drill bits but no hole punches

kyle brinkerhoff (author)2010-09-21

please vote for this :] once again the community is awsome here

kyle brinkerhoff (author)2010-09-20

everyone its time to vote for thje back to school contest if you like this, vote for it! thanks! the instructables community is awsome

kyle brinkerhoff (author)2010-09-19

just a reminder, please leave a rating :] thanks everyone!

ratzenhammer (author)2010-09-19

Hey, nice work! However, you may want to apply a finish to the leather so your art
won't get marred should your tardis happen to land in some otherworldly fluid. Leather can get stained from human sweat, hand lotions, misplaced beverages, and you all get the picture.
Consider an acrylic finish that dries clear and with a satin finish, or perhaps a rustic light stain/finish such as Fiebing's.
I take back everything I thought about leather pyrography, because you have mad skills!

thanks for the tip. this is litterally the first thing ive ever done with leather working :] glad to see that it has potential

HardCoreHacker (author)2010-09-16

High quality leather art here. Maybe not as much as crafting, which i have no doubt you can do, but the burning is really good

thanks! its the first time ive ever done anything with leather... it came out of necessity :]

well you might want to rely on necessity more often XD

haha yup!

pcollins_399 (author)2010-09-19

Nice watchband! What weight (thickness) of leather did you use?

hard to say, i got it on the cheep from a remenants bin but ide have to say that its probably around 1/8 of an inch'ish

Sable Storm (author)2010-09-19

Why did you cut a square in the back?

just an idea i was trying, i thought that if i could get the back of the watch closer to my wrist that it might fit better

Shippygirl (author)2010-09-19

My crafty friend also has ADD. She sews and is learning jewelry and metalwork in college. Love the design of this.

Kimbalicious (author)2010-09-19

I covet your watch and now must make one of my own.

kyle brinkerhoff (author)2010-09-18

hey i know i only published this yesterday, but please leave comments and rate it, it helps, im trying to make this the best i can

wtoddp (author)2010-09-16

That really is awesome work. I would totally buy that and wear it till it fell off my wrist. As someone who grew up with ADD before they really knew what ADD was, I'm really glad to see you channeling that energy in such a positive way. Seriously - you're gonna be awesome at anything you want to do. Don't ever think of it like it's anything but a super-power you just have to manage!

kyle brinkerhoff (author)wtoddp2010-09-17

COOL! never thought of it as a super power:]

supersoftdrink (author)wtoddp2010-09-16

Speed also helps channel the creative genius. I like Vyvanse, personally.

Kaelessin (author)2010-09-17

Awesome designs! I made my own leather watchband a couple years ago and never thought to embellish it . . .when it finally does wear out I know what I'm going to do!

Dream Dragon (author)2010-09-16

That's really nice, thanks for sharing it.

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