Picture of Dracula Does the Weather
bent to fit top.jpg
body mounted.jpg
close up.jpg
coffin lid open.jpg
dracula 2.jpg
Dracula's frame with neck.jpg
dry full view.jpg
dry pine pettal.jpg
dry weather.jpg
flex line routing.jpg
he should just fit in coffin.jpg
50% humid.jpg
close up.jpg
coffin lid open.jpg
completed coffin.jpg
dry full view.jpg
lid braces.jpg
lid braces 2.jpg
lid closed.jpg
lid cut and set.jpg
Picture 307.jpg
Picture 316.jpg
pine scale soaked body mounted.jpg
yarn hair and cape.jpg

With Halloween just around the corner, a pop up Dracula came to mind for my projects using pine scales well soaked in salt water. I had a large one that really responded well to changes in humidity, so with tongue depressors in hand I set out to build his coffin first. What did one casket say to the other?...  Is that you coffin?  See my previous Instructable on the Robot Weather Toy.
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Step 1: Form the top of the casket

This is an image of Vlad Dracula that I wanted to shoot for in a comical way, even though the original was not funny

Step 3: Lid nearly complete

Picture of Lid nearly complete

Here all the braces are in place. I sawed between the upper braces to make the lid that will open on hinges.

Step 8: Mounting the sides, cut the lid free.

Picture of Mounting the sides, cut the lid free.
Here the sides have been fitted and glued to braces on the foot and head of the casket. the bottom of the casket is open to allow circulation of air. A friend of mine in Romania said, "You used an American style coffin" It does have an Old West look.

Step 10: Stretch line holds the Count in place.

I came up with a way to mount the figure using stretch line (0.5mm) which allows free movement and protects the pine scale from breaking easily under stress.
Rossyta3 years ago
Hey! What a pretty nice project!!!
mrdovie (author)  Rossyta3 years ago
Thanks, I gave myself a big laugh when I thought of using Dracula for a Coo coo Clock... that would be a side splitter with him popping 12 times!