Draft Desk Upgrade





Introduction: Draft Desk Upgrade

This is a tiny bit more technical. I set the right angle to start. The ladybug is my ashtray. using reclaimed wooden pallets, and a little help from my plant "roadie" The screws are pre drilled and metal L was used underneath. The angle was pencil scribed and the offcut is mounted along the back rail down to keep the shelf from sliding. 100% of cut to length wood was used, correct angle! And bragging along it is level to a glass of wine. The pink elephant is named "kisser" and helps me with the plants. Uploading from this phone has been an issue, VOTE here!



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    The angle of the desk is set to where a paper stops sliding off the table. The shelves are level to that, free standing. I like how it keeps the composition books side stacked.

    How did you attach your right angle shelves to your draft table?

    I didn't they sit up there. They are removable. I forgot to mention I am giving them a bondo coat now. Then they will be primed. next I will paper them with a green hue graph paper and seal it with clear. The green hue graph paper will match my table mat.