Picture of Draft Stopper Using Recycled Inner Tubes
While I was combing over Instructables I saw the new inner tube contest, and my brain immediately jumped back to the middle of summer when I blew my bike tire.... 2 miles away from my house!! I never threw it out. Partially because I thought I could reuse it, but mostly because I had actually just bought it the morning before. Luckily I bought a two pack, so I just put the other new one in. So when I saw the inner tube contest, my brain started cranking out ideas on what to do with that old tube.

I am a hot guy, temperature wise that is. In order to sleep I need my bedroom to be cold. Closing the heating vent doesn't cut it. I need the window open with a fan in it, even in the dead of winter. My main concern with this is that there is a constant amount of cold air leaking out from the bottoms of my bedroom doors. This then cause the rest of the house to start to cool down, making my heater kick on more and more frequently. Thus costing me more money to heat the house. So here is my simple fix.

Step 1: Tools and supplies

Picture of Tools and supplies
Tape Measure
Marker (I used red because you can see the shine of it pretty easy on the dark inner tube)

Used Inner Tube
Double Stick Tape
grannyjones3 years ago
silver sharpie!
Cool idea. If you live in a rent house or have an old door, you can just cut the valve stem off and wash it, then cut to length of the door and slightly longer, then staple it to the door with a brad nailer or staple gun.
pine sol and hot water does the trick.
iffee4 years ago
From where you will get oxygen!!
Rimwulf iffee4 years ago
weather stripping never air proofs your house it's there to prevent too much or cold air from coming in. I would gather that one would have an Carbon dioxide detector and another mean of getting O2 to their house Plants would surly help a sharper image perhaps? LOL.
hughscott5 (author)  iffee4 years ago
My windows are always open in that room. :)