We've got an old farmhouse, and the wooden doors are very drafty. We've seen these these draft stoppers or draft dodgers before, but the problem is that every time you open the door you have to kick it back into place. We came up with the idea of adding a flap to keep the door in place.

This is a quick, cheap project that can save you money in the winter months.

Step 1: Measure and Cut

First, measure the width of your door. Add 4" to the length of your door. (Example, I have a 32" door, so I need fabric 36" long)

Next, pick your fabric. You'll need something fairly thick. We used utility grade linen.

Now, cut 2 pieces of fabric 8" wide and the length of your door... 36" in our case. After you cut, you'll need to lay them on top of each other and pin together. If your fabric is one sided, you'll want the pretty sides on the inside facing each other, so the ugly sides are facing out.
<p>We won't have to worry about ants if we use rice, right?</p>
Very nice! I was just saying I need one of these!
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