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Introduction: Dragon Ball Z Lamp

Hi everyone, I am from Costa Rica and this is my first instructable. I love Dragon Ball Z so I decided to make this lamp some time ago, now I decided to make an instructable and share it with you.

Step 1: List of Initial Materials

• 1 Goku figure
• 1 circular bulb (genkidama)
• Electrical wire
• 1 bulb socket
• Some plastic jars (to create the scenario)
• Wood base for the lamp
• Modeling clay

Step 2: Electrical Setup

I used an old desktop lamp, so I reused the internal parts and the support for the DBZ lamp.

  1. Insert the support of the old lamp into the wood base.
  2. Add the electrical wires.
  3. Add the bulb socket at the top of the support.

Step 3: Modeling the Scenario

  1. Use the plastic jars to cover the wires and support the mountain.
  2. Use modeling clay to create the mountain textures. At this point, your imagination is your limit, so just add some irregular shapes around it and give it a form of DBZ mountain.
  3. Add some texture for the grass at the top of the mountain (I used crashed eggshell mixed with coffee and white glue).
  4. Leave the structure until it is dry at all.
  5. When it is completely dry is time for painting: add "sand" color with some shadows for the lamp base and the mountain. Use dark and light green for the grass.

Step 4: Final Results

The final result is AWESOME!!! You have one of the best scenes of DBZ represented in a lamp.



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    ¡Wow! I'm from Costa Rica too!!! AWESOME TUTORIAL!!! Just what I was looking for!

    Hola María, que dicha!! Ojalá le sirva. Pura vida!!

    What kind of modeling clay did you use and what brand? I'm making this for my husband's birthday and I want it to be perfect.

    Hi, it's DAS terra cotta modeling clay. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001GAP4Y0/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_Dt-0ybB5SRMWF

    Share pictures of your progress and if you have any other question just let me know...

    great job! I actually have a goku figure and this will be my next weekend project! what type of paint did you use for this?

    Hi, good to hear that, please share with us your project when it's finished.

    I used regular tempera paint, that is sold here in my country, but I supose you can find something similar...

    sorry I have to ask. what's the power level?

    the power is in watts, and I think that this lamp with plastic should not exceed 40 watts. You probably mean lumens. Am I right?

    it was only a joke related to this anime, if you ever watched it..

    And I didn't mean lumens...any ordinary light bulb hardly reaches even lower amount of lumens